May 16, 2019
Len Joy
Running in the Boston Marathon

Len Joy’s second novel, BETTER DAYS, was released in September 2018 with Moonshine Cove Publishing. It was described by FOREWORD Reviews as “a bighearted, wry, and tender novel that focuses on love and loyalty.”  KIRKUS REVIEWS called it “a character-rich skillfully plotted Midwestern drama.”

In July 2018 a collection of short fiction, LETTING GO was published by Hark! New Era Publishing.  KIRKUS REVIEWS described the stories as “Short edgy tales with depth.” It has been selected as a finalist in Forewords INDIES Book of the Year Award in the War & Military Category.

Joy’s first novel, AMERICAN PAST TIME was published by Hark! New Era Publishing in 2014. KIRKUS praised it as a “darkly nostalgic study of an American family through good times and bad, engagingly set against major events from the ‘50s to the ‘70s as issues of race simmer in the background…expertly written and well-crafted.”

Sandra Scofield, National Book Award nominee and the author of the craft textbook, “The Last Draft – A Novelist’s Guide to Revision” described Joy’s work as “No fancy stuff. No mumble jumble interiority. This is Do Something, Find out what happens, Deal with it…Len Joy is solid Americana.”

Joy is a nationally ranked age-group triathlete and competes internationally representing the United States as part of TEAM USA.

He lives in Evanston, Illinois with his wife Suzanne.