Posted by John Thomas
The meeting was opened at 12:15 by President Tom Nash and followed by the pledge of allegiance. Lunch was served and the meeting itself started about 12:40. The lunch meeting was held in the Winnetka Community House and there were 27 of our 54 members (57%) in attendance.
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Past President Patti noted we achieved a 100% participation in the Rotary Foundation drive ended June 30th. This has been the case for some years now.
Rich Lallley said there were still tickets available for Brewers/Cubs game, and Terri Dyson said the Winnetka Sidewalk Sale runs tomorrow and Saturday.
HAPPY BUCKS: Contributors to the pool were:
         - Fred Schwimmer for several reasons
         - Patti Van Cleave for maintaining our 100% Foundation Contribution record
         - Robert Mardirossian for reaching 17 years of continuous attendance
         - David Birkenstein for several reasons
         - Brooke Peppy for the same
TIME TO SHINE In what will be a regular addition to our meeting agenda, Past President John Thomas gave a brief background, his current interests and why he joined Rotary 4 years ago.
SPEAKER NOTES: Our Speaker was Jerry Goldman who challenges those who want to deify the Constitution: "It was flawed from the start and though amended remains flawed today’ he said.  He also explained the famous picture of the signing of the Constitution, and that on the $2 bill, is inaccurate.
He pointed out that those who framed the document were not elected democratically and did not envision a true democracy.  He also compared our Constitution’s topics with those included in many other country’s Constitutions.
There was no Q&A session and , after the 4-way pledge recitation, the meeting closed at 1:35 PM.