Posted by Keith Reed
There were 28 members present. We had two guests from the Evanston Lighthouse Rotary—Joan Borg and Holly Halliday.  Alan Berkowsky, Winnetka’s Fire Chief, represented the Village at the meeting.
    Important announcements were that the Club Assembly is scheduled for August 10; that Rotary’s International meeting next year is in Toronto; and that Rotary’s  District 6440 is having a function at the September 16th Northwestern football game with Bowling Green with a  tailgate starting at 6:30 (more information coming later). John Thomas announced that after several years of deliberations, the final plans for the One Winnetka project on Elm Street were approved by the Village Plan Commission. This means that the project will now go for the final vote before the Village Council and John can finally retire from the Commission. Patti said that the WCH parking lot south of the building will be closed for resurfacing for at least the next two weeks. Luvie Owens has been having serious health problems and now is in hospice.  Patti said that when she delivered the Club’s greeting card to her this week, Luvie just looked at Patti and said that the Rotary has done “a good job”. Our thoughts and prayers are with Luvie.  It was also announced that Mike Malloy is also having health problems.
    Fred Schwimmer did his “time to shine” explaining that he has lived in Winnetka 90% of his 82 years; he was in the first graduation class at Crow Island School; he spent 3 years out East selling alarm clocks after college and the best thing out of that experience was meeting his wife, Ellie; that he then was a financial broker for 47 years; his passion is American, Illinois and Winnetka history; he has a collection of over 200 historic postcards with photos of Winnetka on them; he has two memorabilia operations and still collects and sells antiques  all over the country; he became a Rotarian at the behest of David Birkenstein; and has found it to be a great “sectarian way”  to direct necessary and meaningful philanthropy.
    Our guest speaker was Paula Jablonski, an Associate from Stress Master International who has a background as an RN, INHC, and CMWA. She consults with people, normally within an employment setting, to help them understand differences between stress, stressors and stress effects; to learn about stress warning signs; and to learn keys to mastering their stress. Her organization has a stress mastery questionnaire and guide to give customized advice to people feeling the affects  of stress. She pointed out that a certain amount of stress is productive and helps people avoid boredom, but when it becomes excessive and out of control, it adversely affects a person’s health.  75% of doctor visits  involve a stress related problem. She said that retired people have stress problems as well—usually dealing with somewhat different problems than when they were working. She said one of the most effective ways of dealing with stress is to close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose and then exhale through the mouth while listening to this exhale.  It is also helpful to meditate a short period in connection with this breathing exercise. For further information go to Paula’s website at