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Alejandro Urzaqaste- North Shore Music Feb 28, 2019
The joys of playing string instruments
The joys of playing string instruments

Alejandro Urzagaste is a multi instrumentalist, teaching guitar, bass, drums and piano. Alejandro Urzagaste studied guitar at Northern Illinois University with Fareed Haque. Primarily a jazz guitarist he also plays classical, rock and flamenco although he appreciates music regardless of genre.

"There are only twelve notes."

Chris Rintz, Village President Mar 07, 2019
State of the Village
Christie Hwang Jordan Mar 14, 2019
What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?


Christie started practicing Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 1999 with a passion to assist people through health crises that often happened with life transitions. Before long, her little word-of-mouth practice blossomed into a full business, and Source Healing opened at its current location in the River North neighborhood of downtown Chicago. In 2016, the Winnetka satellite office opened.

          Christie realized her passion for the healing arts after she watched her dad move through his healing process when he was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. She wanted to help people get in touch with their own body’s ability to heal and teach them to become aware of the effects of emotional and spiritual disharmony in the physical body and take action before they debilitated to a point of no return. Christie made it a goal to not only heal her own heart but to educate her clients for lifelong empowerment and evolution in health and wellbeing. That is what Source Healing does.

        Christie received a Masters Degree from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine and her B.A. in History and Literature from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne. She also studied acupuncture in Japan under the direction of Nakao Sunsae, was an apprentice to herbal master Dr. Zhengang Guo in Chicago, and interned with John Pirog. Christie has appeared as a guest on several cable shows, on the E! channel, and on FOX News. She has been featured in Chicago Tribune, RedEye, and Chicago’s own 190N.




What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

What is it really good at treating and what doesn’t it work for?

How does it work as an adjunct to your current medical care?

How is it used for Optimal Health and Longevity?

Q and A


Marcia Sutter Mar 21, 2019
Winnetka Music Festival
Ward Wilson Mar 28, 2019
Are Atomic Bombs Useful?

Ward Wilson is a senior fellow at the Federation of American Scientists. He is widely
acknowledged as the leading source of pragmatic arguments against nuclear weapons in the
world today.

His book, Five Myths About Nuclear Weapons, was endorsed by two Pulitzer-Prize-winning
historians of nuclear weapons, recommended by four star generals, praised by a former head of
state and Nobel Peace Prize winner, and described as “brilliant, original, and important.”
He is an award-winning writer, who has been published in anti-nuclear journals like The Bulletin of
the Atomic Scientists and Nonproliferation Review, military journals like Joint Force Quarterly and
Revue de Défense Nationale, foreign policy journals like Survival, Foreign Policy, and Harvard’s
International Security, as well as in The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, The Wall Street
Journal, and others.

He has spoken in 23 countries on six continents, at the Pentagon, the French National Assembly,
the United Nations, the Scottish National Parliament, the U.S. State Department, Harvard, Stanford,
Princeton, Georgetown, the Sorbonne, the U.S. Naval War College, King’s College London,
Hamburg University, Nagasaki University, University of Pretoria, and others.
He is currently working on a new book, titled The Realist Case for Eliminating Nuclear Weapons.


Tish Rudnick Apr 04, 2019
Northshore Senior Center
Kraig Moreland Apr 18, 2019
The Furnace Girl – The Mysterious Case of Elfrieda Knaak

Summary of the program: Kraig will share some interesting photos and stories behind the creation of The Furnace Girl. The book has been featured on WGN TV’s Backstory with Larry Potash, and New York radio Mornin’ with Bill Schulz.  Several local magazines including Sheridan Rd, Forest & Bluff Magazine, and Modern Luxury have covered the book and it has been the top selling book in 2018 at Lake Forest Bookstore.


Biography: Kraig has lived in Lake Bluff, Illinois his entire life. After working 10 years in advertising and marketing, he founded New Vision Athletics, Inc. in 1996, a privately-held sports league on the north shore of Chicago. Kraig and his wife Jennifer have raised their four children in Lake Bluff.  They co-founded the Margo Moreland Charitable Foundation in 1999, which supports children afflicted with Cerebral Palsy.


Kraig has a great passion for film and local history.  Over the last 15 years, he has helped write and co-produce the Lake Bluff Ghost Walk.  In 2011, Kraig wrote, filmed, and produced a two-hour documentary "A Childhood Lost & Found - A Journey back to The Lake Bluff Children's Home," a heart-felt story of the Lake Bluff Orphanage, the children who lived there and the people who cared for them. The film was awarded a "Superior Award" from the Illinois Association of Museums in 2012.

He is the recipient of the 2012 I Care Award, and also an honorary Paul Harris Fellow Rotary award. Kraig was a featured speaker at Rosalind Franklin University Medical School in 2014 for the TedMed Live talk.