May 17, 2018
Dr. Lori Halvorson
Hearing & Your Brain: Energizing Your Ears

Dr. Halvorson is a visionary leader in hearing, brain wellness and hearing conservation, passionate about energizing ears so you can mingle with the people, music and sounds of life that make you happy and stimulate your brain. She founded Lake Forest Hearing 15 years ago, re-energized over 20,000 ears, 10,000 brains and counting.  Dr. Halvorson holds a doctorate degree and board certification in Audiology, certification by The American Institute of Balance and Vestibular Assessment & Management,  is a Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist and a member of MENSA. Passionate about understanding every nuance of hearing, she published groundbreaking research on prenatal hearing to learn about groundbreaking research on cognition and hearing presented by French researcher. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and a member of Mensa. Ranked by Phonak as one of the top Lyric® providers in the country and by Sensaphonics as one of a select few Golden Circle audiologists, Lori is currently one of the few Premier Elite Lyric providers in the Midwest. Dr. Halvorson is passionate about empowering her patients to engage in life with well-fit hearing aids and brain retraining. Outside of the office, Dr. Halvorson enjoys water and snow skiing, spinning, circuit training, international travel, wine, cars and making memories with her kids.  Fun Fact:  Dr. Halvorson was the Girl Scout Cookie poster girl.


Hearing aids help reduce the risk of dementia by 9%.  Untreated hearing loss causes the brain to shrink 2% faster every year, causing up to 36% higher risk for dementia.  Well fit hearing aids can energize your ears and your brain so you can mingle with the people and music you love. This educational talk with share ideas on how you can Jazz Life Up with better hearing and better cognition.