Go Green Winnetka
Jul 26, 2018
Liz Kunkle
Go Green Winnetka

Liz Kunkle is a Winnetka resident who enthusiastically advocates for each of us to be personally responsible stewards of protecting and preserving our environment. She recently received special recognition from The Volunteer Center for her work as a volunteer to protect our environment through sustainable and reasonable measures. Lynn is a practicing attorney, so this has become an incredible avocation, enlisting groups and schools along the way.

She formed Go Green Winnetka in 2011 after she coordinated groups to set up an environmental awareness booth at the Winnetka Sidewalk Sale. She enlisted Chamber of Commerce, the Village of Winnetka, The Garden Club, the Winnetka Community House and the Volunteer Center to plan the day. After then, it was all about coordinating efforts to get the word out about each of our responsibilities to our earth and preserving its gifts and life.  She formulated Go Green Winnetka, became a 501 C 3 and is continuing to grow its impact. Her recycling program with the District 36 schools educating about composting and facilitating plastic bag recycling through the Trex Plastic Bag Challenge between the Winnetka Schools. She has successfully impacted our recycling by working with fellow Winnetkan Charlotte McGee to build a recycling program for Styrofoam – egg cartons and disposable cups and packing materials now have another use than occupying the landfill – being repurposed into something useful. Liz is on the Village of Winnetka’s Environmental and Forestry Commission and will advocate anywhere to decrease our landfills and save our planet. She is tireless about this and demonstrates this within her own home. Her family of five fills only one garbage bag a week – which isn’t even always full.

Liz will be discussing additional measures we can take to recycle food and other ways to preserve the health of our environment at Rotary's July 26th meeting.