Aug 23, 2018
Mike Zanillo
Solving Climate Change with a Solution We Can All Like

Mike Zanillo is the Illinois State Coordinator for Illinois for the Citizens Climate Lobby.  Mike is a retired Information Technology executive from prior positions with McDonalds Corporation and Motorola.  Mike was also the Chief Information Officer for WMS Gaming and Rexnord Inc..    Mike’s education includes a degree in Economics from the University of Chicago and attended graduate level business school programs with Loyola and Northern Illinois University.

Climate Change has been called ’NOT the BIGGEST challenge of OUR time, but, the BIGGEST challenge of ALL time’.

The topic of Climate Change can be confusing to many. Often, there is uncertainty of what Climate Change is, what are its effects and what can be done about it.

Do you want to know:

• How will climate change impact Illinois and the Midwest ?

• What climate solutions exist ?

• What actions can ordinary citizens take to ensure a stable climate in the future ?

Citizens Climate Lobby is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change.  Many lawmakers, economists and scientists agree there is a policy that is best first step for fighting Climate Change.   The policy has growing bi-partisan support among Democrats and Republicans.  The benefits of the policy are viewed as:

  • A non-partisan, market-based, no-regulation approach
  • Very effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by over 50% !
  • Friendly to the economy, grows 2.8 M jobs and $ 1.3 T in GDP
  • Fair by not placing a burden on those least able to afford it

Solving Climate Change is possible if we tell our elected officials to act now !