Jan 11, 2018
Hilary Rose
How to Design Your Home with Style

A little info about me:  I’ve been a photo stylist and a field editor for national interior design magazines for about 30 years. My list of clients includes Better Homes & GardensTraditional HomeVerandaHouse Beautiful and countless other national publications and books. I also styled the book KITCHEN, showcasing the work of renowned kitchen designer Mick DeGiulio. Several years ago, I wrote and produced an interiors book with photographer Jenifer Jordan. Our book,  Been There Shot That, is a playful mix of design advice, inspiration and humor. 

A little info about my presentation:  I explain what it entails to be a “field editor”, and then focus on my approach to photo styling. Showing images, I talk about styling (accessorizing) bookcases, coffee tables, mantels, etc. I also discuss good ideas I’ve seen for making one’s home live better and be more personal. I believe a successful home is functional, comfortable, beautiful or interesting in some way, and reflects the people that live there. I love to interact with the audience, so I welcome questions, comments, suggestions, whatever.