Mindfulness for Career Success
Apr 11, 2019
Ravi Rade- Leadership Coach
Mindfulness for Career Success

Ravi Rade, an executive leadership coach, and mindfulness teacher will speak to us about how mindfulness can help us to reduce stress from our busy, demanding life and how to achieve a focused concentration that leads to greater performance and success. In the corporate world,  from the last 10 years, mindfulness is becoming more and more sought after technique for outstanding leadership, stellar performance, and well-being of employees. Ravi will be introducing mindfulness. You will also get an experience of how just a few minutes of mindfulness meditation can make our mind calm, reduce stress and build focus.

An MBA from Booth school, Ravi has 25 years of corporate experience. Latest was as director of trading systems performance at Chicago Board Options Exchange. There he led a team of highly specialized engineers and managers. Trading systems are extremely demanding, a couple of seconds glitch causes government investigation and more than 12 milliseconds of response brings a flood of client complaints. To deal with such a stressful environment Ravi found mindfulness as an effective technique. And when he came across Search Inside Yourself, (a Google-developed mindfulness-based emotional intelligence program), he found a science-based, practical and results-producing way to incorporate mindfulness into work and personal life. He helped his team at Cboe to do the same. The results motivated him to start his year-long journey to become Search Inside Yourself Teacher and now he conducts this 2-Day experiential course at various corporate offices.

Last year, Ravi’s hired a Co-Active coach who helped him to find the path ahead in his life. Because of that coaching, Ravi could transform his career from computer performance to people performance. He realized the tremendous power of self-exploration that Co-Active coaching brings out. So, he also did another journey of becoming Co-Active (executive leadership) coach. And now he works with growth-hungry professionals to maximize their success and reduce stress from their life. He conducts one on one coaching sessions with directors, managers from global corporations all over the world. His clients explore their inner strengths and magnify them. During coaching sessions, clients do deep thinking about what’s important for them. As a result, they start taking actions which they had been postponing for a long time, with a strong commitment to follow-through.