Aug 29, 2019
Jeanne Rosser
New Trier Township Social Services

Jeanne will provide an overview of the community’s needs as well as the specific programs which the Township has developed to address those needs.  Over the past ten years, in her work as Social Services Administrator, there has been an increasing usage of Township assistance programs – particularly in the area of basic survival needs such as food, shelter, and utilities.  Approximately 85% of the Township’s Emergency Assistance budget goes for housing and utilities.  Increasingly, families – including those with young children – have been applying to use the Township’s Food Pantry.  One of the benefits of working at the Township is that, in addition to the direct assistance provided to clients through Township programs, Jeanne can refer clients for additional services as provided by those social services agencies which receive Township funding. 

Jeanne is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked as New Trier Township’s Social Services Administrator for the past ten years.  She helps New Trier Township residents in need through a variety of Township assistance programs.

During her years in social work, Jeanne has been able to provide direct service in a variety of capacities:

She holds an Illinois Type 73 License and has worked as a School Social Worker in both elementary and secondary schools; Jeanne has also provided disabilities awareness training for K-5 students through Northern Suburban Special Education District

As a Licensed DCFS Child Care Worker, Jeanne has worked as a Foster Care Licensing Worker and she has facilitated parent trainings and development through the Illinois Department of Human Services.

During Jeanne’s decade working in international and domestic adoption, a highlight for was visiting an orphanage in Haiti to help to develop an adoption program for HIV+ infants and children.  Jeanne has also worked in program development on behalf of HIV+ adults on Chicago’s West Side.

For the past several years, Jeanne has served as a Field Supervisor for Master’s Level students from Adler and De Paul Universities.

One of her fondest memories was the time spent in India as a volunteer with Rotary International’s Polio Eradication Program.