Posted by David Grant
President Chuck Norton commenced the meeting at 12:19, and finished at 12:55.
Thought of the Day:  John Thomas shared a Sanskrit Proverb from 450 B.C.
Member Milestones:  Happy Birthday to Rich Lalley.  John Thomas celebrates his 8th year anniversary with the Club.
Visitor:  John Rogers is a CPA and lawyer who lives in Kenilworth with his wife who was President of the Arlington Heights Rotary Club.
  • Our Rotary Benefit will be on Friday, 6/4.Please mark your calendars and brush up on your trivia skills! Contact Barbara Tubekis with auction items. 
  • Rich Lalley reminded us that our club, in partnership with Rotary International, is sponsoring a ‘shoes for kids’ program.  Until April 9, we can drop by the Community House to sign cards which can go with the shoes to be given to the children.
Happy Bucks:
  • Fred Schwimmer is happy about his impending road trip from Florida back to Winnetka.He will be home in time to vote for John Thomas in the election.
  • Robert Mardirossian dialed into the zoom call while driving to the Cubs opening game.He promised a big donation to our Foundation if the Cubs start the season with a win.
  • Rich Lalley is happy that Laura Cunningham is temporarily babysitting Rich’s 2 new dogs.
  • Todd Stephens just bought a new house in Winnetka.
Dig and Grin:  Fred Schwimmer shared some ironic observations about why he likes retirement so much.
Speaker:    Fernando Jones is the Founder of the Blues Kids Foundation.  He thanked us for our Winnetka-Northfield Rotary Club Foundation award, which will help him hold summer music camps.  The first camp will be in July at Columbia College, where Fernando is a Professor of music.  There will be a second camp in August in Winston Salem.  Fernando shared video highlights of past camps, testimonials from famous musicians, and his love for the Blues as the foundation of all modern music.