Posted by Patti Van Cleave
President Chuck called the meeting to order at 12:15. There were 31 in attendance.
Thought of the Day: Barb shared a quote from Lucille Ball
Visiting guests – John Rogers, second time
Sylwia Pacyk, prospective member
                                William Porter, guest of speaker
Birthdays –          Ned Meisner - 9th
                                The Nashes, Tom and Joe -  10th
Anniversaries -   Denny Lauer 46 years
                                Heather Higgins 26 years
                                Terry Dason  5 years
                                Liz Taylor 19 years
Announcements -
  • Rich = Cards for kids for shoes can be completed through today; need folks to deliver next week. Contact Rich to volunteer.
  • Robert - June 4 will be our benefit. It will be Trivia Night Barb, Sylwia, Marie, Robert are coordinating and are looking for donations for auction.
Happy Bucks
  • Robert new members are terrific – Sylwia volunteering is a “real treat”. Robert met with John Rodgers and really got to know him one on one. We are so pleased to welcome these new members!
  • Chuck – was given Cub tix for Saturday, looking at the ticket on his phone, price was $407. It wsa a 1914 Club ticket! Wow! 7 rows back behind home plate. General Cubs and baseball discussion followed.
Dig&Grin – Patti shared a blonde joke.
Speaker  - Rick Harnish spoke about high Speed Rail in the Midwest.
Rick shared an overview of rail in the US versus Japanese and European rail. His presentation focused on where we are today, and highlighted the high speed California system, approved in 1990, as the best that we have today in the US.
Japanese rail is much more efficient; by comparison we are more spread out, and much less efficient.
Building the system will allow us to build stronger communities. Folks would visit each other more often and would travel further, and faster. Would lower carbon emissions, and reduce government spending.
Bonds sold to $15B project for runways, second investment is to make O’Hare more vital. Need to pull from a wider area to do this.
There are three types of rail lines:
Shared Use lines –using existing infrastructure
Regional Lines –using existing
High-speed lines – new construction
President Biden and Sec of Transportation Buttigieg are developing a plan to move this forward.
For more information:
Rick’s contact number:
Pres Chuck adjourned the meeting at 1:19.