Posted by Carl Yudell
President Chuck Norton chaired the meeting commencing at 12:18.
Guests:  Joining us today was Rotary District Governor, Tamiye Meehan, and our speaker, Ryan Aderman, Illinois Attorney General Community Outreach Liason
Birthdays and Anniversaries:  No birthdays or anniversaries today.
Thought of the Day:  Bob Sanfilippo highly recommended Erik Larson’s newest book on Winston Churchill, The Splendid and the Vile, covering the years 1940-41.  The book was inspirational.  Bob left us with one of his favorite Churchill Quotes:  We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
  1. Long-time Rotary Member, Jimmy Hilton passed last week
  2. Our district governor, Tamiye Meehan would like to meet us on Zoom.The District is conducting 9 months of classes.
  3. The Community House is closed due to a massive water main break on Pine.
Happy Bucks: 
(1)    Rich Lalley contributed $25 in recognition of all of Africa being free of wild polio virus—only parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan still have out breaks of wild polio.
(2)   Fred Schwimmer spent a day with his older brother in Minneapolis (a joy to still have him with us) and Abbott has a new Covid -19 Test.
(3)   Gregg Nelson and Robert Mardirossian bantered about the White Sox no-hitter and Robert gave some happy bucks in honor of the Sox achievement.
(4)  David Birkenstein was happy that he turned age 90 last week and can still walk and talk and most importantly play golf.
Marie Kuipers gave us a capsule version of her life starting with an overly protective mother with many ups and downs.   At age 16, she was off to Antigua on vacation where she met Martin Crowe (Russell’s cousin), a cricket champion.  She kept up a correspondence with him through her years at Georgetown University, but eventually, she had to decide if she wanted to stay in the US or go to Australia/New Zealand.  She decided to stay.  Shortly after college she developed some medical issues that kept her in a hospital for a while, but then she was off to Utah for 15 wonderful years.  Martin died in 2016 at the young age of 42 from cancer.  Marie found roller derby while in Utah and then her loving spouse and her love of chickens (and Rotary) when she came to Chicago.
Bill Leske introduced our speaker, Ryan Aderman of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office of Community Outreach.  Ryan said that one of the principal duties of the Attorney General is to advocate on behalf of the people of Illinois.  There are 40 bureaus, the biggest being the Consumer Fraud Bureau.  The Consumer Fraud Bureau has a special division  to help seniors understand their medical bills.
Ryan then reviewed common scams targeting  seniors.  He had the following thoughts:
  1. Renew your “Do Not Call” instructions each year.This will stop the domestically sourced calls, but will not screen the international calls;
  2. There is a new Social Security scam that shifts your monthly checks to the scammer’s account.  Do not give out your Social Security Number for any reason to somebody that calls you.Note:Social Security never calls you unless you called Social Security first.
  3. When there is a scammer on the line:“Just hang up.”
Ryan then reviewed some more common scams:  The charity scam; the home improvement scam;  and identity theft.  Ryan reminded us that we have a right to freeze our credit and receive a free credit report each year from each of the three major companies:  Equifax, Transunion and Experian.
The meeting adjourned at 1:10.