Posted by Carl Yudell
President Chuck Norton chaired the meeting commencing at 12:18 with the Pledge of Allegiance in light of the chaos at the Capital.
There were no birthdays this week, but on January 19, Jean Wright will be celebrating her 95th birthday.  If you would like to send her a birthday card, her address is:
Ms. Jean Wright
Brookdale Palmer Ranch
5111 Palmer Ranch Pkwy.
Sarasota, FL 34238
(Although she has trouble seeing, others will be able to read cards to her). She also likes to get phone calls.  She may answer who's this? Because she can't see a caller's name.  But as soon as she knows - she's right there!
Her phone is 941-244-4701
Other Announcements:
            Rich Lalley is working on a companion program for Operation Warm—Shoes for Children.  With the help of a grant from Rotary International, the cost of a pair of shoes is only $6.50.  Your contribution would be much appreciated.
            Barbara Tubekis has been busy delivering Donna’s meals to needy families at Good News Partners in Rogers Park.  She needs some help.  It is right after Rotary on Thursdays.  You would pick up the meals from Donna after Rotary and deliver them to Rogers Park.
            Chuck Norton is working on the Co-Presidents and just needs to tie up a few loose ends.
Happy Bucks:             Patti was pleased to be seated (on her screen) next to Mike Shelton.
Peter Skalski was happy to be in Florida and about Jean Wright’s 95th birthday.
Dig and Grin:  Julie Tye told us about “A horse walks into the bar….”
Speaker:   Mitch Meyers.  Mitch gave us an overview of the cannabis business in Illinois, Missouri and the United States. Take Aways:
  1. Cannabis medical-uses have been under-studied due to illegality. As it has become legal in more states, its potential uses have dramatically increased.  For an example, cannabis can be used to treat epilepsy and has far less side effects than current Big Pharma drugs.
  2. Cannabis was legal until the 1930’s and the end of prohibition.At that time, a federal bureaucrat, in danger of losing the funding for his operation, determined that cannabis (which he renamed as marijuana) was a danger to the public.In fact, cannabis is significantly less dangerous than alcohol, tobacco or opioids.
  3. The tax on medically prescribed cannabis is 1% while the tax on recreational cannabis is 35%.
  4. Cannabis has been generating significant new taxes and has resulted in a re-building of parts of downtown Denver.
  5. Medical cannabis is restricted to 4 oz. per week while recreational uses are restricted to smaller amounts, but instead based on a daily basis.
  6. Unfortunately, most to the dispensing licenses and the growing licenses have been distributed to rich white men because any blemish on a person’s record disqualified them from receiving a license and the need to spend thousands of dollars before even applying for a license disqualified other minorities.The next round of licenses will be more accessible to people of color.
  7. Since cannabis is still illegal federally, national banks cannot be used.  Only state chartered banks can be used to finance cannabis operations.