Posted by John Thomas
The meeting was online via Zoom and attended by 22 members. It was opened at 12:20 PM by  President Chuck Norton followed by the pledge of allegiance.
 President Chuck noted Rotarians with birthdays this week are Mary Lou Bilder-Gold.
There were no Anniversaries this week.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: John Thomas said Lake Michigan experts will speak on August 6.  That should be of interest to potential members. Speakers will be John Shea, the Winnetka Superintendent of Recreation and John Shabica, a Lake consultant for many Villages.
Barb Tubekis noted we will be having a new publication serving our area. It will be called The Record, Barb will send subscription info to all members via ClubRunner next week..
HAPPY BUCKS: Fred Schwimmer celebrated being told he is now a Paul Harris “Major Donor” He was congratulated for that.
Julie Tye told of Hadley Schools’ new online platform and invited everyone to access it at She also expounded on Hadley’s new work overseas starting in England and then to include other languages.
Barbara Tubekis told of a new Volunteer Center alliance with a similar agency in England. It looks to be of great future use.
DIG & GRIN: Rich Lalley showed a video called (?) Fake Toddy”. The humor escaped this writer but was appreciated by others.
SPEAKER-  At 12:45 John Thomas introduced today’s speaker, Lizzy Appleby, the Director of Glenview Park District’s Pride Youth program. This provides LGBTQ teens a continuing flow of information in bi-weekly meetings and involves several hundred teens in local public high schools.
Ms. Appleby encourage the audience to ask any question as she spoke and that indeed happened. As Mr. Thomas had heard her a year ago, he was aware there would be much audience reaction and had thus made sure Lizzy had extra time allowed.
Her presentation was in the form talking from a series of on-screen “slides” She started by telling of various LGBTQ terminology starting with the appellation “cisgender” which simply means one is referred to the same gender as one was born.
There were a variety of comments and questions during and after her presentation.  For more of the information she presented, readers see
 The meeting was then closed at 1:20 with a recitation of the Four Way Pledge.