Posted by John Thomas
The meeting was online via Zoom and was opened at 12:20 PM by our new President, Chuck Norton followed by the pledge of allegiance. He noted we have several visiting Rotarians as well as our speaker for the meeting Hank Petraczek.
 DIG & GRIN: Eric Birkenstein favored us with two quite humorous anecdotes for which he received several virtual huzzahs.
 President Chuck noted Rotarians with birthdays this week are Amy Skalinder, Kristan Jasinski, Anna Cohen and Mary Lou Bilder-Gold.
Anniversaries this week are Trish Kocanda, Julie Tye and Greg Kurr all with 4 years.
Plus Patti Van Cleave now has 13 years.
HAPPY BUCKS: Liz Taylor celebrated a safe opening and Rich Lalley noted several reasons for his Happy Buck.
SPEAKER-  At 12:45 John Thomas introduced todays’ speaker, fellow Naples, Florida Rotarian Hank Petraczek. His talk was titled “Crossing the Line”, a personal story of alcoholism and recovery. He started by talking of a normal and quite successful life both in his business career and family. He was a social drinker and never thought he had a problem. He said alcoholism has been around for centuries and is a disease for which there is no cure. about one in twelve people who drink get addicted, The non-alcoholic uses alcohol as a normal social lubricant or a relaxer, The alcoholic finds themselves more and more needing alcohol until they become powerless to stop.
Hank said he followed the usual downward path—called the Jellinek Curve. He finally “crossed the line’ into alcoholism. His life became unmanageable. He lost his job, had financial difficulties but his family stayed intact. Fortunately, four years ago he found a second line to cross. That was to get out of denial and seek help. He found that when he could admit to himself the difficulties drinking caused him. He sought and received professional counseling, spent a month in a rehab facility and joined Alcoholics Anonymous those four years ago. The spiritual nature of the program and the great support from other AA members has turned his life into a worthwhile endeavor.
There were a variety of comments and questions after his presentation.  The meeting was then closed at 1:20 with a recitation of the Four Way Pledge.