Posted by Keith Reed
Co-Chairs Patti and Barb presided. Guests were our two speakers and Carolyn Kambich.There were 17 members present and  6 joined on Zoom.
BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES:  Member Jean Wright celebrated her 97th birthday at her home in Florida with some health problems but still mentally sharp. She recently celebrated her 30th year of Club membership.
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Amy announced that the WCH box containing items donated to the local food pantry is full and will be donated to needy residents in the New Trier Township.  Patti and Barb thanked Robert Mardirossian for his recent contribution to the Rotary polio fund.  They also recognized Bob Baker who recently became a Paul Harris Fellow for the 6th time and Barb Tubekis who became a Paul Harris Fellow for second time. Tony referred to a recent article in the Rotarian magazine listing all the programs/facilities that recently came out of a Rotary “micro credit program”.  He mentioned that this program was similar to what he and Carolyn worked on when they set up several schools in Uganda over 20 years ago.  Rich mentioned that the “Kids Against Hunger” event set for Feb. 25 in Matz Hall still has openings for those who can help pack food packages.
REPORT ON “MUSIC MENDS MINDS” discussions:  Barb reported on information obtained on our Club getting involved in some local program/activity that would use music to benefit those with Parkinsons, dementia and other cognitive issues. Peter reported on his family experiences with this type of activity and Keith suggested that the Club  have a speaker from the North Shore Senior Center or perhaps some local music instructors who have studied and practiced music therapy to help us analyze what our Club could do to benefit those with these problems. In the meantime Barb and Keith presented a 1920’s Rotary songbook that contains some spirited songs that our Club could sing on special occasions—one has words to the “Anchors Away” tune and another to the “Tannenbaum” tune.
SPEAKERS STEVE JAMBOR AND RICHARD SIEGLER—Mother/Child Rotary Projects in Uganda.  Steve is a member of the Wilmette Rotary Club and Richard lives in the Chicago area and does Global Grant promotions for Rotary. Steve spoke briefly on how Rotary is working at spreading digital diagnosis products, radiology, and ultrasound imaging throughout Uganda and training midwives there on this equipment.  Richard said that his Bulama Health Group has studied religious and private groups who are doing training in these areas of health care but that the Uganda government health programs are deficient and the ones that he has been trying to improve. Bulama has helped over 300 Uganda facilities involving over 3 million patients per year. Richard said that the biggest problem is the lack of prenatal services and the fact that 27 out of 1000 babies born in Uganda die. Uganda has about 100,000 babies born per year.  Two problems are that many births are at home and 10% of newborns need immediate breathing support is often not available.  Richard said that he has about 15 Rotary Clubs contributing to his Bulama group.