Posted by David Grant
Patti Van Cleave started the meeting on time.
  • PATTI announced the next Board meeting will be on 7/14 @ 11:00
  • RICH encouraged members to donate money to the ‘Highland Park Fund.’  See the story in this bulletin for details.  Patti, Fred, and Bob donated on the spot!
  • TONY asked us to say a prayer of forgiveness for the shooter and his parents, and he said one of the surviving children of the shooters is a student of the Montessori schools he runs.
  • AMY is this year’s new Membership Chair, and she alerted us that she is sending a survey to all the members – please complete the survey by this Friday 7/15.
  • BOB is the new Foundation Committee Chair, and he will be assembling his committee in the next few weeks.  Please consider joining if you want to Participate in the grant making process this year.
Happy Bucks: 
  • PATTI thanked the co-chairs of the Program committee, Brooke & David G, for booking a solid line-up of speakers thru August.
  • ROBERT made a donation for perfect attendance.
Speaker:  Timothy Massawe zoomed into the meeting from Tanzania.  He is the past president of the Rotary Club in Hai Kiliminjuro.  He runs a non-profit to empower poor children in Tanzania. Rotarians sponsor children for $1,000 each.