Posted by Patti Van Cleave
President Chuck called the meeting to order at 12:20.
Thought of the Day: Brooke shared a meaningful quote. 
Birthdays: none. 
Anniversaries: Keith Reed – 8 years
Announcements: DG Lyle Staab spoke about the importance of supporting Rotary through The Rotary Foundation, reminding us that we joined Rotary because we want to do good in the world, which is the focus of The Rotary Foundation.
Happy Bucks: Rich had a Happy Buck for District Governor Lyle for his outstanding work as DG and excellent communication.
Dig N Grin: Bob Sanfilippo spoke to the Euro 2020 soccer championship currently taking place, sharing his pride in his Italian heritage with some Italian jokes!
Visiting guests and Rotarians: District Governor Lyle Staab, David Bartlett, a former Rotarian from another club and guest of Terry Dason and Bill Leske, introduced by Greg Nelson, and Moha Bouacha, a Rotarian who has moved here from the Rockford area.
John Thomas introduced Village President Chris Rintz.
Chris’ program focused on accomplishments of the village in the past (unprecedented) year. These include:
  • Continuing with services despite COVID, moving to virtual meetings, virtual inspections.
  • Chris expressed kudos to Rob Bahan for his excellent financial management, creating expense reductions to offset revenue losses during COVID.
  • The Village leadership held a weekly teleconference with fellow governing bodies: New Trier, District 36, Park District and the private schools, creating deeper communication.
  • For businesses, the Village provided:
    • Local sales tax refunds, based on previous year
    • Unrestricted grants to restaurants
    • Revised outdoor seating and liquor restrictions to allow for better sales.
    • A “Take-out Challenge” program
    • Texting program for businesses and residents to communicate opportunities occurring within the Village
    • Worked with Chamber (kudos to Terry for her hard work) to communicate health and safety guidelines. Chamber worked very hard to assist with state and other grant funds available.
  • Chris noted that over 10 NEW businesses were added in 2020.
  • The Village collaborated with CCDPH to provide vaccination days, using space donated by New Trier at New Trier Northfield. In total they provided 20,980 vaccines to 10, 292 people.
  • Chris noted the Virtual Tree Lighting and Reverse Fourth of July parade as ways in which the Village tried to keep “normal” events occurring during COVID.
  • A new website was launched.
  • The second phase of Streetscape was completed on West Elm.
  • The third phase of Streetscape began on East Elm; it will be completed shortly.
  • Stormwater work continued – agreements are now completed, final engineering is taking place now.
  • The Village refinanced stormwater bonds, saving $7.1M.
  • Historic Preservation code was adjusted to lengthen demolition requirements and potentially save more significant homes.
  • Created an RFP for the site on the southeast corner of Green Bay and Winnetka Ave. Four restaurants and a garden center presented proposals.
Looking ahead:
  • Chris would like to re-engage IDOT in a conversation to transfer Green Bay Road from state jurisdiction to Winnetka, allowing for improvements to the infrastructure of the road and surrounding areas.
  • Complete the Comprehensive Plan – the last one was created in 1990.
  • Explore federal assistance for stormwater projects.
An engaged Q&A followed his presentation.
President Chuck adjourned the meeting at 1:30.