Posted by Keith Reed
There were 15 members present including Tom Evans, Rich, Terry Dason, Chuck, Marie, Bob Baker, Julie Tye, David Birkenstein, Fred Schwimmer, Joe Fell, Robert, Peter, David Grant, Wes and Keith. 
Rich did the thought of the day – “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people, but the silence over that by the good people.” Martin Luther King, Jr.    
Marie introduced Jose Munez from La Casa Norte whose main activity is to provide housing and employment opportunities to youth and homeless families in 43 of Chicago’s zip codes. A Wilmette Rotary Club member, Bob Taylor, helped found the organization. Bob suggested we provide new shoes from Oearation Warm to the La Casa Norte, and he, his club and several other Rotarians in our District helped us provide 300 pairs of shoes worth $6,000.
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Heather Higgins fell and suffered a compound fracture of her arm which required 2 nights of hospitalization. Marie has sent her flowers and Club members who live in the Winnetka Mews have been alerted that she may need help for a couple of weeks.  It was also reported that Sam Badger recently fell but is recovering.
Marie announced that the Rotary’s virtual convention starts this coming Saturday and anyone interested in attending or being involved should contact her.
Marie also said that Rotary has a “racism action group” program this coming Friday at 4:00 PM called “Together for Peace”.  It features Rotarian and Past District Governor Carolyn Jones, civil rights attorney.  Marie suggested that our Club’s newly formed Social Justice Committee should attend and report back at one of our future Club meetings.  Rich reminded us that on July 8th at 7:00 PM is a District Series program on racial injustice featuring Rotarian and Pastor John Alan Boryk who will discuss his experiences with Martin Luther King.
Several members raved about the new Winnetka Farmer’s Market now in its 3rd year in Winnetka which is being held on Saturdays from 7:30-12:30 PM in the Village Hall Parking Lot.  This market replaces the one that was formerly over by New Trier West High School in Northfield.
HAPPY BUCKS: Marie said that she is now engaged in her dream activity of producing and publishing a women’s magazine with a group of about 20 interested and very talented women.  Terry said she was happy because one of her sons is moving to Winnetka along with Terry’s grandchildren.
DIG N GRIN: Marie filled in for Sam Badger with “Father’s Day” joke material provided by his family—the best one being-- what did the drummer name his twin girls (“Ana 1 and Ana 2”)
TERRY DASON BIO PRESENTATION: Terry reported that she was born in the Panama Canal Zone and then eventually moved north with her family to Illinois towns where her grandparents were in the newspaper business.  Her prized pet from south of the border was a spider monkey which she had for 5 years after moving to Illinois. Her family moved to Spring Grove, Illinois where they had a dog kennel business with up to 150 dogs which they raised and showed.  Then her family moved to Palatine where she graduated from high school; and then put herself through college at S. Illinois University doing all sorts of “customer service” jobs in the hospitality business. She even did a stint at being a telephone switchboard operator (ala Lily Tomlin).  After college, Terry and a friend started the first suntanning store in the city of Chicago business at Clark/Diversey in Chicago. It was open every day of the year except for 2 days (Christmas and New Years) and employed as many as 30 persons. They opened a second store on Armitage before she finally got married, started a family and moved to Winnetka to get some rest! She’s always been active in community activities such as school benefits and being on the Winnetka Community House Women’s Board in is the past President of the Womens’ Club of Evanston.  She took her position heading up the Winnetka/Northfield Chamber of Commerce 15 years ago, where she used her early experience running her own business.  In addition to the son who just moved to Winnetka Terry has another son (who is getting married in December) and a daughter.
SPEAKER LESLIE OLESIN, PRESIDENT OF OASIS—SENIOR ADVISORS:  Leslie has nursing and MBA degrees with about 40 years of experience. She spends most of her work time advising seniors and communities on aging and effective methods to plan for it. She operates out of Lake Bluff and her phone is 847-727-6654.  Points she made were: signs of early dementia are changes in vision, hearing, isolation, loss of appetite/weight, trouble walking, changes in mood, fear of water or showering, not cleaning living space, not paying bills, and driving problems.  People showing such signs should seek medical help.  The products advertised on cable TV have not proven very effective.  Brain health can be improved with certain supplements like fish oil and having a balanced diet.  There is a normal and natural dip in memory loss at ages 80 and 85 as our brain structure ages.  She recommended that seniors study this health condition and that there are lots of resources to gain information including the various senior centers that operate in the Chicago area.
Meeting adjourned at 1:30 with Marie reciting the Rotary 4 Way Test.