Posted by Keith Reed

Bill Leske chaired the meeting. There were 12 members present and 6 on Zoom.

ANNIVERSARIES: Wes Bauman was recognized for being in Rotary for 37 years and Kristin Jasinski for 9 years (now an honorary member).

ANNOUNCEMENTS: It was announced that John Thomas’ widow recently passed away and funeral arrangements are being planned.  Our Club had a good representation of members at the June 29th Music and Market outing at Clarkson Park in Northfield—these are held every Wednesday evening during the summer starting at 5:30 and gives our Club the opportunity to interface with Northfield residents and potential Club members; and Rich made the most important announcement that the Club’s fiscal year ends on June 29th and that Bill and Greg did a great job leading our Club during a very challenging year and everyone is looking forward to supporting Patti and Barb, our new leaders for the coming year.

HAPPY BUCKS: Those giving were Barb, David B, Greg, Wes and Tony (who reported that he just talked with Rog Morris who told Tony to say “hello” to his Rotary friends.)

DIG N GRIN: Greg handled the assignment answering such riddles as “what do you call men in line for haircuts’—a “barber cue” and what’s a seagull called when it flies over a “bay” –a “bagel”.

SPEAKER: The featured speaker was Bill Jenkins, a professor at Dominican University in River Forest, Ill. Bill’s middle-aged son was murdered some time ago which caused Bill to do significant research and writing on the subject of “trauma and stress”. Some of the points Bill made were that the sense of safety is critical to all humans and mammals; building social relationships with people we can trust is very important to a person feeling safe; if trauma occurs to us then our lives start to constrict and become unstable with increasing anxiety and uncertainty; traumatic events could be one time happenings or chronic and repeated; the more trauma our society suffers the more polarized it becomes; someone suffering trauma usually becomes more selfish, aggressive and wants to play only by their own rules/principals; most trauma does not heal by itself but requires therapy; trauma suffered by citizens of a country (e.g. Ukraine) usually adversely affects the next generation more than the one engaged in the actual fighting. (Bill’s power point used in his presentation contains much information re trauma and should be available on our Club’s website.)

At approximately 1:25 pm Bill and Greg jointly adjourned their last meeting as the Club’s co-chairs and led the group in reciting Rotary’s 4 Way Test. They have been complimented by all for a job well done!!