Posted by David Grant
Thought of the Day:  Eric Birkenstein is in favor of suspending patent protections for pharmaceutical companies.
Member Milestones:  Happy Birthday to Patti Van Cleave on May 10!
  • Chuck Norton is sending a copy of the new Club bylaws to members for their review.He will ask the Club to approve them at the May 20 meeting.
  • David Birkenstein congratulated Fred Schwimmer for becoming a Major donor to the Rotary International Foundation.
  • Rich Lalley acknowledged David Birkenstein for his contributions to the Foundation.
Happy Bucks:
  • Patti Van Cleave is happy to resume in person worship this weekend at the Congregational Church in Winnetka.
  • Rich Lalley is happy it has been 2 weeks since his second vaccination dose.He asked for a show of hands for how many members have at least one dose, and everybody raised their hands!
Dig and Grin:  Thank you Fred Schwimmer for jumping in at the last minute with some impromptu witticisms!
Speaker:    Robert Mardirossian led an update of the plans for our Benefit on June 4.   Three other members on this fabulous committee also shared the details of the exciting plans:
  • Marie Kuipers:  The Queen explained how the Trivia game entertainment will work. 
  • Sylwie Pacyk:Ticket prices will be $50 each for the first 3 members on a ‘team,’ and free for extra members of your team if you want to add more than 3 (a team is any group that logs into the virtual benefit on the same screen).
  • Barb Tubekis:  There is a raffle with 4 Grand Prize baskets of items.  Please buy your tickets before the event because tickets will not be available the night of June 4!