There were 28 members present and two guests—Marc Hornstein representing the Winnetka Police Department; and Jessica Rutstein from the WYO.
Patti announced again the ABC’s of Rotary meeting on January 3, 2017—members are encouraged to attend and there is still room available for reservations. She also reminded the group that Kids Against Hunger is having its event on March 11 and is still looking for sponsors. Those interested should go on its website for further information.
SPEAKER EILEEN CONSIDINE BOGGINS: David Birkenstein introduced Ms. Boggins who is the Partner Relations Manager at Journey Care. She explained that this provider started many years ago as Hospice of North Shore. Eight years ago it reorganized into Midwest Palliative in Glenview and 18 months ago was  merged into Journey Care along with the Horizons organization. The new organization serves about 1000 patients in 11 counties in the Chicagoland area. Information regarding its palliative, supportive and end-of-life care is available on its website  Hospice is just one part of palliative care which also includes grief support and pediatric services for people of all ages. Eileen gave examples of what to say to friends and family members who are experiencing illness and trauma. Rather than saying to a grieving person “let me know if there is something I can do”, be more proactive in dropping off food or performing functions for the person in need. Handwritten notes of concern are far better than emails.  Eileen provided pamphlets as to appropriate things to say to persons grieving. Copies are available on the website or you can request a copy from  Journey Care has a summer camp program for children from K to 12 grades who are in need of grievance counseling.
Eileen said that hospice care is covered by Medicare if two physicians prescribe it and the person has a life expectancy of less than 6 months.  The average length of stay for a hospice patient is 13 days. Life limiting illnesses where the person is still seeking curative treatment and is expected to live longer than 6 months are covered by most health insurance policies if ordered by a physician.