There were 38 persons in attendance at this week’s meeting, which included 31 members, seven guests and our speaker.  Sam Badger brought Northfield attorney Carl Yudell, a prospective member.  Tony Kambich brought his wife, Carolyn, and Joseph Olanya and four of his children Linda, Gabriel, Isabella and Sonie. Joseph’s family was visiting the Kambichs.  With the help of the Kambichs, Joseph and his wife, Christine, started a Montessori school in Entebbe, Uganda.  His wife had already returned to Uganda as school had started after the holidays.
President Bob Baker announced two multiple Paul Harris Fellows – Patti Van Cleave with her 5th and Bernie Michna with his 6th.  Congratulations two these two generous members!
Rich Lalley announced that India has now been “polio free” for two years and that Nigeria is the only country in Africa with polio, but Nigeria is expected to be “polio free” by the end of 2015.  Rotary International is closing on its goal, established in 1985, of eliminating polio in our lifetime.
Heidi Sibert announced that our annual “Kids Against Hunger” program would be held on March 21.  We need at least 400 workers and lots of sponsors.  You can now sign up online for any of the three work shifts.  See Heidi if you want to be a sponsor or know of a potential sponsor.
Gina Sich announced that the Community House is offering a number of volunteer opportunities on Martin Luther King Day on January 19th.  There is no need to sign up – just drop in and donate what time you may have available.
Happy Buck$ this week came from Tony Kambich, Denny Lauer and Wes Baumann.
The speaker for the day was Sandy Sullivan the author of the self-published book Green Bay Love Stories.  She told of her life as a young Wisconsin woman who was given the opportunity to work as a model and hostess selling tickets for the Green Bay Packers football team in 1961 two years after Vince Lombardi took over as coach.  Sandy, as a 19-year-old Wisconsin girl who knew nothing of the Packers or Green Bay, soon became enamored with many of the players.  She told of dating a number of Packers including Paul Hornung and Dan Currie.  She wound up marrying Dan Currie’s dentist, Matt Sullivan, in Washington D.C.  After his death in 1984 she moved back to Wisconsin to be with her parents. 
In 2006, without any political experience Sandy ran for the office of Secretary of State in Wisconsin as a Republican.  Her opponent was an incumbent who had held the office since 1982; needless to say the results were not pretty as she lost by 200,000 votes.  She said she really enjoyed the experience and had no regrets. 
Sandy has made 170 appearances at Rotary Clubs talking about her life as a Packer groupie.  In addition to public speaking she also is selling her book and arranging appearances for former Packers.