President Bob Baker rang our bell promptly at 12:15 and thirty-six (of 61)members were present.  Our one guest was Larry Dickman, Liz Taylor's work colleague. Also Chuck Young from the Hadley School joined us.
Baker read us a nice thank-you note from the Open Arms group. Then, Patti Van Cleave noted a) we should all look at the W/NRF web site and, b) she is putting together the Rotary Foundation grant request.
Bob Baker asked us to remember we will have again a joint meeting with our Wilmette brethren in April. Mark Kotz reminded us there was a C.of C. open house in Thursday evening.
Marie Kuiper had some Happy Bucks to announce her roller derby team starts its season this Friday. David Grant added to the kitty in celebration of his 17th anniversary.
Dig and Grin humor was supplied by Fred Schwimmer. He said he has stopped eating "natural" foods as he reads in the obits that too many people die of "natural" causes.
The weeks' program was provided by member Bob Smith, the Winnetka Park Districts' Executive Director. With both charts of the plans and a Power Point presentation, he showed us an extensive proposal for rehabilitation of the Hubbard Woods Park.
It will be an major renovation costing  over $2,000,000, but a substantial grant has been applied for from the IDNR. Like other recent Park District capital projects, this rehab will be financed by a combination of non-tax bonds and reserves. The plan goes to the Plan Commission next Wednesday and then to the Village Council in January.
Bob was asked what will happen to outdoor winter ice skating if the new building is not heated and the existing dilapidated warming hut is removed. He said various options for that are still under consideration.
For those who have yet to see the details of this gateway project, the full details are available on the Park District web-site,