Posted by Patti Van Cleave
Attendance: 25
Guests: Ann Limjoco, representing Rep Jan Schakowsky’s office.
               David Carlton, Executive Director at Samaritan Counseling Center and prospective member.
President Bill called the meeting to order at 12:18pm.
Jeanne Beckman filled in for Liz Taylor with a thought from Robert F Kennedy.
No birthdays or anniversaries this week.
  • Another round of applause goes to Joe Nash for his work to make the Little Ricky’s event a success, raising $1800 for Kids Against Hunger.
  • Wilmette Rotary’s fundraiser is tonight at Valley Lo Club
  • Bring a guest next week for our speaker on traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Results of our annual meeting and election last week were a unanimous vote for the slate of officers presented, Chuck Norton will become President-Elect on July 1 and Felicia O’Malley will become President-Nominee.
  • Heidi updated us on Kids Against Hunger – next weekend! Signups are at 300 so we need a push to get all slots filled. Raffle tickets are for sale through next Saturday.
  • Your help is needed on Friday afternoon for setup- if you can help contact Rick B.
  • Two events on June 1 – our annual fundraiser, being planned by Marie, and the first day of the farmers market in Winnetka.
Happy Bucks:
  • Tony had a buck to congratulate the elected slate of club members, and another for seeing Bill’s smiling face in the Current this week.
  • Heidi had a buck in gratitude to Mark S, attending lunch as our Community House rep, for all that the Community House does to make Kids Against Hunger a success.
Dig N Grin: Chuck shared some funny anecdotes titled “Google’s Pizza” relating to personal information available with Google searches.
Speaker: Chris Rintz, President of the Village
Chris shared that the last time he spoke to us was three years ago when he was newly re-elected to Council, after a contested election. He provided insight as to his thought process when he became President, as far as setting an agenda that would advance and benefit the village and the lives of its residents.
These two initiatives are his primary goals:
   - Enhance our citizen’s lives
   - Enhance the value of our real estate
He explained that the lack of desire to change (“Progress without Change”) had been imbedded in village decision-making since 2005. There were key decisions to be made to begin moving forward.  From a process standpoint, in order to better hear what the residents want to share with Council, he moved the Council members physically down to the round table in the center of the chamber, and moved Public Comment section to the beginning of the agenda.
In the past year, the Council has accomplished the following:
  • An agreement with Cook County Forest Preserve (CCFP) to hold stormwater. Next steps in this process is to work with other village governmental agencies (school district, park district, New Trier) to identify places in the village to store water before releasing it to CCFP land. This process is “close to” finalization.   
  • Downtown Master Plan (DMP) is moving ahead with revitalization of the West Elm business district. “Is this is place where I can project success” was a question asked of business owners and prospective business owners in the village. It is important to convey to business owners that the space around their business belongs to the village as a whole and should be designed for that.
  • The guiding plan (2020 Plan) needs to be updated into the future to guide future village development. A Plan has been in effect since 1921. Currently village committees are determining their vision for the future of the village. These ideas will go to the Plan Commission and then to Council for adoption, and creation of ordinances and policies.
A short Q&A followed.
Rodger won the raffle, drawing an eight of diamonds.
President Bill adjourned the meeting at 1:33.