Posted by John Thomas
The meeting was opened at 12:15 by Club President Patti Van Cleave and followed by the pledge of allegiance. The lunch meeting was held in the Winnetka Community House and there were 23 of our 55 members (44%) in attendance.
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  President Patti noted that June 30 is the deadline for contributions to the Rotary Foundation to be applied to our Club. She urged all of us to make at least a minimum contribution so we may have a 100% participation as has usually been the case in the past. Patti also made note of a variety of member’s birthdays.  John Stone said that he saw Luvie Owens earlier in the day and she seems to be feeling well at this time.
HAPPY BUCKS:  Ned Meisner had three Happy Bucks items centering around several Bahai events with special notice of a musical program there at 9:30 and again at 12:30 next Saturday.
Patti Van Cleave expresses happiness at having received 22 response so far to the all-member survey and hope more were coming. She also offered hard copies for anyone who couldn’t access it online.
SPEAKER: The speaker for the day was introduced by Barb Tubekis who noted the subject, recycling, should be of great interest to all. The speaker was Liz Kunkle and her talk title was “Effective Recycling”.
Her ongoing theme in the talk was that we all need to be aware of the many opportunities we have for recycling. The Villages hereabout have established extensive recycling protocols and procedures. The ubiquitous plastic bags from the supermarkets and the plastic newspaper wrappers need be taken to the collection boxes at the supermarkets.  
For Winnetka, there is a one-page guide detailing what can go where that has been sent to all homes. Copies of that are available online at the Village web site  or at Village Hall. Should one have a question about disposing of some unique item of material, calling the Village will get an answer toute de suite.
After reciting the four Rotary pledges, the meeting was closed at 1:25.