Posted by John Thomas
The meeting in the Community House was opened at 12: 16 by President–Elect Chuck Norton.  Fred Schwimmer gave an interesting Thought for the Day based on a poem by Max Ehrmann. This was followed by the pledge of allegiance led by P-E Chuck.
Guests introduced were Elise Larsen and her colleagues from the Special Gifts Theater.
The meeting resumed at 12:50 with 24 members were present. The only anniversary was Patti Van Cleave who has been a member for 12 years.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: John Thomas noted that we have scheduled speakers through September. However, before further scheduling, members will be surveyed to determine what topics are most desired – and what topics would be unappreciated.
Bill Leske reminded us that the Rotary stand at the Winnetka Farmers Market needs volunteers. Barb Tubekis then reminded us that we will be participating in a Glencoe service project on 9/26 so there will be no lunch at the WCH.
HAPPY BUCKS: On behalf of the Winnetka Youth Organization, Christina Gikas told of an upcoming brand new musical event, The Field Jam. It will be October 5 at the Field auto showrooms out on Willow Road.
Rich Lalley noted that Africa just had three years of no Polio so it is officially “Polio Free”  Rich also reminded us that tickets for the 9/7 Cubs game at Miller Park was still available.
Barb Tubekis kicked in some Happy Bucks in honor of the new web site for her Volunteer Center. She noted it took a long while to get right but is now up and running with huzzahs from users.
DIG & GRIN: Peter Skalski resurrected an anecdote from Socrates that bore close resemblance our Rotary 4-Way pledge. The audience applauded.
SPEAKER- Our presentation was led by Elise Larsen, the Executive Director of the Special Gifts Theatre (SGT), which is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2000 to provide individuals who possess a wide array of special needs (physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and learning) the opportunity to experience the joy and enrichment that theatre arts can bring. The program, though recreational in scope, is educationally and therapeutically based.
Ms. Larsen fleshed out the background of SGT and told us of their staff, mission statement and illustrated, with a Power Point presentation, which showed how they go about fulfilling their aims. She noted the SGT has substantial aid from the New Trier Township and operates out of 5-6 locations in the area.
She then introduced two NTHS volunteers who have been involved with SGT for some years. In turn, they told us of how working with the SGT clients had been enriching to both themselves and the special needs teens with whom they worked.
The meeting closed at 1:31 after the lottery drawing and 4-Way pledge recitation.