There were 31 members present at the August 6 meeting. Rotarian guests included District Governor Rodney Adams and Assistant Governor Mary Bak. Also, as a guest Dirk Tussing brought next weeks' speaker Dr. Jade Stanley from Northeastern Illinois University. The Thought for the Day was provided by Fred Schwimmer.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: John Thomas noted both Peter Skalski and Luvie Owens joined Rotary August 1. Peter did so 23 years ago and Luvie joined 22 years ago.
Alex Michel from The Hadley School for the Blind told us of a forthcoming special fundraising event, It is "The Jewel of the North Shore" and will be a light luncheon and auction. It takes place on Friday, Sept. 18 from 12:30-4:30. There will be reserved times and anyone interested should contact Alex at or at 847-784-2767.
The Dig & Grin anecdote was presented by Gina Sich and was received with great gusto and applause by members.
GUEST SPEAKER GOVERNOR RODNEY ADAMS: Before the lunch meeting, the Board met from 10:30-12:00 with Governor Rodney and AG Mary covering a wide range of topics from international Rotary initiatives to local efforts. A discussion of our strengths and weaknesses was part of that program.
At the lunch meting Governor Rodney shared a good deal of his background both prior to becoming a Rotarian and since. He noted he was initially refused membership as he did not own a business!
Governor Rodney told us of the many experiences he has had here and abroad with other Rotarians.  He also stressed serving youth is a key target of Rotary both here and abroad.
He left us with the clear message that he, the District, RI and the AG are all most ready to help our club in any way they can.