Posted by Carl Yudell
President Marie Kuipers chaired the meeting.
Guests:  No Guests Today
Birthdays:  No Birthdays Today
Anniversaries:  Mike Shelton will celebrate his 7th year on December 13.
  • There will be no meetings on December 26 and January 2.
  • The Holiday Party is next week.
  • Jean Beckman had to put down her dog last week.
  • Bill Leske said the Winnetka Chamber of Commerce was having its annual party at 1st Bank from 5-7 today.Fred’s Garage was the caterer and it was all free.Hope you could come.
  • Brooke Peppey reminded us about the year end appeal for the Rotary Foundation
  • Amy Skalinder of the Winnetka Community House told us about the Christ Church “Carols” on Friday the 13th; and
  • John Thomas announced that our State Representative, Robyn Gabel, would be with us on January 9.
Happy Bucks: 
  • Rich Lally was happy his son passed his clinical psychology exam and is now part of the profession.
  • Bill Leske enjoyed Eric Birkenstein’s piano playing; and
  • John Thomas said the surgeons put a new valve in his heart.He was in and out in a day.It feels like a new engine in a car.
Dig and Grin:
Tony Kambich entertained us with Teacher in the Classroom stories.
Our speaker for the day, Elisa Au, lives in Evanston , but originally comes from Hawaii.  She started Karate at age 5.  While she enjoyed learning the moves and the exact precision in the movements, she really loved the competition which started about 9 years old.  In 2002, while in her early 20’s, she won the world championship in both her weight class and in the open weight class and became part of the US National Karate Team.
She retired in 2010, but in 2016 she heard that Karate would be part of the Olympics in 2020.  She elected to follow her dream to be part of the Olympic team in 2016 and won the US Open in 2017.  In 2018, she tore her ACL at the 2018 US Open.  In 2019, she was off to Paris for the World Championships and then on to Colorado to train for the Olympics.  Wish her luck on the Road to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics.