Posted by John Thomas
The meeting in the Winnetka Community House was opened at 12: 15 by President Bill Leske. In the absence of Joe Nash, Bill led the pledge of allegiance. An interesting Thought for the Day came from David Birkenstein. Lunch was then served.
The meeting resumed at 12:32 and 22 members were present. Our visitor included Mike Platt a friend of Lee Padgitt. Birthdays noted were Felicia O’Malley and Rotary itself with 114 years.  An anniversary noted was Joe Fell with 25 years.
ANNUAL MEETING: President Bill noted today is our Annual Meeting and thus election of future officers and Board members needed to be effected. For that objective, he pointed out the ballots on the table and asked members to vote appropriately.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: President Bill’s announcements noted last Thursday’s Kids Against Hunger event at Little Ricky’s was again a success with details next week. Following that, Barb Tubekis called our attention to the KAH Raffle signs on the tables. Rich Lalley added more items were needed for the “goodies bags”. There are 400 bags, so anyone donating should shoot for a like number of items.
John Thomas reminded us that the 50th Anniversary of the WYO will be celebrated with a dinner/dance benefit on April 13 at the Sheridan Shore Yacht Club
DIG & GRIN : Tony Kambich spun out series of anecdotes occasioned by President Trump’s Viet Nam visit. These were all received with warm applause.      
SPEAKER: Introduced by Tony Kambich, our speaker was  Alejandro Urzagaste, a multi-instrumentalist, who teaches guitar, bass, drums and piano. Born in Iowa, he studied guitar at Northern Illinois University with Fareed Haque. Primarily a jazz guitarist, Alejandro also plays classical, rock and flamenco, although he appreciates music regardless of genre. He is the owner of North Shore Music in Wilmette where he employs a staff of seven teachers.   He led off with a song on his acoustic guitar and then outlined his new scholarship program aimed at teaching children music via the guitar.  He closed his presentation with a medley of guitar music including jazz, blues and classical.  A Q&A followed and the meeting closed at 1:45 reciting the 4-Way pledge.