Posted by Carl Yudell
Guests:  One of our previous presidents, Pat O’Day, joined us; Julie Tye represented Hadley; Mike Landers from the Winnetka Community House was with us as well;  Barb Tubekis introduced us to her friend Charlotte McGee from Christ Church.
Birthdays:  No birthdays today.
Anniversaries:  No anniversaries today.
  • Remember the District Conference is scheduled for Friday and Saturday April 24 and 25 at the Schaumburg Hyatt;
  • Heidi Sibert announced that on February 13 there will be a Wilmette After Dark wine tasting at the Bottle Shop in Wilmette benefiting Kids Against Hunger.Our packing event for Kids Against Hunger will be on March 14.
  • Patti Van Cleave told us that two students have been identified from Loyola and another two have been identified by New Trier to attend the annual RYLA conference.Donations are welcome.
  • Barb Tubekis told us about the lecture on Wednesday February 12 by Sherry Quam Taylor on “How to Fully Fund Your Nonprofit every Year.”The lecture is being sponsored by the Winnetka Chamber of Commerce and the Volunteer Center.
Dig and Grin:
David Birkenstein entertained us with “Fun Facts” such as:
  • Every year donkeys kill more people than sharks and plane crashes combined;
  • Cows can go up stairs but they cannot come down stairs.
Our speaker today, Steve Harper, a retired litigator from Kirkland and Ellis law firm, spoke on his impressions of the recent impeachment proceedings and the ensuing trial.  He had many interesting theories which were well presented and kept us all awake and on the edges of our seats with his conclusion that the Senate should have removed Trump from office.  He told us that Trump seemed to be courting the Russians with the intent of helping them rebuild the Russian Empire.  He was unhappy with the Trump defense team which he accused of lying.  In a normal court situation, as a litigator, he would have objected numerous times and asked for a side-bar with the judge with a request that Trump’s attorneys be admonished before the jury for lying.  He went on to say that, in his opinion, Trump has committed a number of criminal acts that were not part of the Impeachment proceedings, but clearly would have been sufficient to constitute High Crimes and Misdemeanors.  At this point, in his opinion, the Senate failed its obligations and history will be the ultimate judge.  As a personal comment, I think it would have been more interesting to have had an opposing argument presented but maybe we will have to wait for the history books to be written.