Posted by John Thomas
The meeting in the Winnetka Community House was opened by President Tom Nash. The pledge of allegiance followed by “Thought for the Day” from Rich Lalley. He noted both North and South Korea had joined temporarily in the Olympics celebration and hoped this was a great example of goodwill triumphing all else.
Lunch was served at 12:15 and the meeting started about 12:35. 28 of our 51 members in attendance. Our guest for the day was Narayan Murarka, a Barrington Rotarian. He gave a 10 minute explanation about a $425,000 grant from the Rotary Foundation for a WASH project (water, sanitation, hygiene) in which our District and others are involved.    
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  President Tom reminded us that there is a District Training seminar next week and he had further information should any be interested. He also announced the Feb. 11 speaker has the unique subject of “Bitcoins” and there may be a need to sign up visitors early.
Joe Nash is staging another “guest bartender” night at Little Ricky’s on March 8 to benefit Kids Against Hunger and that raffle items are needed. However, he added that a popular local band will do two sets that will immeasurably enliven the evening.
Heidi Sibert reminded us that the Kids Against Hunger food packing free-for-all takes place soon and we still need volunteers.
HAPPY BUCKS:  Robert Mardirossian gave some Happy Bucks in recognition of being part of the WASH effort
DIG & GRIN: Peter Skalski told a subtle anecdote that was understood by most.
SPEAKER: David Birkenstein introduced  Mike Lauesen (“Lawson)”an author and motivational speaker. His latest book is “Getting Off the Treadmill”. He provided a variety of anecdotes illustrating how several traits could make life easier and more enjoyable. He was particularly impressed some years ago by a talk from the Reverand Bob Richards , a gold medal Olympic pole vaulter. The key points were:
            - have well defined and realistic  goals
            - be willing to pay the price to achieve those goals
            - have an attitude that says great things can and will happen
            - realize one can’t control outcomes.
 The meeting was closed at 1:27 after a recitation of the 4-way pledge.