Posted by Patti Van Cleave
President Bill called the meeting to order at 12:15. There were 32 in attendance.
Bob Sanfilippo shared a short quote with a “punch”! 
After lunch, Bob Baker, filling in as Greeter, announced the following visiting members: Mark Schusteff and Brian Schiller, representing the Winnetka Community House, and Kate Hughes from Winnetka School District 36
No guests or visiting Rotarians.
No anniversaries, but three birthdays coming up:
            David Abell, November 24
            Greg Nelson, November 26
            Alan Ramsay, November 27
An early raffle ticket pull was won by Patti, who drew the 5 of clubs and returned her $5 to the pot.
--There will be no meeting next week. Happy Thanksgiving to all! 
-- Speaker on 11/29 will be Louise Kiernan from ProPublica Illinois, speaking on "Fake News, Transparency and the Futre of Investigative Journalism."
--Remember the incentive plan for club members who bring in a new member that stays for a year: 500 Paul Harris points – bringing that member status in the Paul Harris Society.
--We need more scribes! If you’d be willing to take notes once a month or so talk to Keith, John Thomas or Patti.
--Tony reported that the International Committee met, and that the Ecuador project spearheaded by Ned is going well. The Ecuadorian team is very well-organized, the project is moving forward, some funding has been received. Next steps are to take this project out to other clubs, District 6440 and RI to increase participation. Ned reminded us of the purpose of this project: To educate farmers on the values of organic farming, to produce healthier products. Assist these farmers by creating a marketing strategy for their produce as well as providing microcredit opportunities for them.
--Rich reported that 6 of the 12 library coat distribution projects have been held. There was one in Rogers Park last night, another tonight at a library that is at 95th and Halsted. We have also distributed coats to several organizations suggested by club members, including one in Connecticut that was a connection through one of the event sponsors, a friend of Joe Nash. There is still some opportunity to distribute coats; the foundation will determine other donees.
Happy Bucks:
--Marie was very excited to share with us two happy bucks: She shared that the Operation Warm coat distribution was fun and heartwarming and encouraged all of us to go to one. More importantly, she got her FIRST EGG from one of her chickens!!!
--Patti gave three HB in honor of Rich and Barb for being exemplary Rotarians and bringing wonderful programs to us, and to Dr. Rick for bringing his knowledge to The Winnetka Club tonight.
--Robert gave $10 happy bucks in honor of the two times he had left items behind after lunch, and returned both times to find them turned into the Lost and Found. He shared that while people have asked why he is still involved with Rotary after his retirement, he thinks that “It is nice that Rotary is here for me to be involved with”.
--Ned gave a buck and shared that Ecuador is coming to the area in December. His colleagues will be here in early December, and others at the end of the month. He asked us all to pray for snow, as they want to see snow!  
--Tony gave a buck and assured Marie that he is NOT planning to have chicken for dinner (or eggs for breakfast?)
Dig N Grin:
Fred echoed the sentiment that coat distribution events are wonderful and we should do one, then shared a funny story about two Jewish women who encountered each other on the streets of New York in the 1950s and caught up…
Speaker: There was no speaker; we packed 100 food bags for Good News Partners.