Posted by John Thomas
The meeting in the Winnetka Community House was opened at 12:16 by President Bill Leske. An interesting Thought for the Day came from Robert Mardirossian before the pledge of allegiance was led by Brooke Peppey. There were several visitors and 30 members present. Lunch was served at 12:24 and the meeting then started at 12:40.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: President Bill noted anniversary’s  of 34 years for Michael Wurzburg, 30 years for Jeanne Beckman, 25 years for Lee Padgett, 14 years for Rich Lalley and 9 years for David Birkenstein.  A variety of announcements included:
            -  Ned Meisner spoke to international projects he had recently seen in his
                Ecuadorian journey. He offered the thought that without international
                projects, Rotary might be but a “social club”.
            .  Barb Tubekis noted volunteers were needed for the Thanksgiving set-up and for several other Rotary forthcoming efforts.
            - Tony Kambich noted there would be a Veteran’s Day program at 5:00 in the WCH.
            - Christina Gikas said an Adults Comedy Hour fund raiser for the Winnetka Youth Organization will be at the Wine Box in Glencoe on Nov. 15 at 8-9:30 PM.
            - Rich Lalley noted the NTHS Interact club sent a donation to Operation Warm.
            - Patti Van Cleave reminded us another Scribe was still sought.
DIG AND GRIN- Felicia O’Malley provided three anecdotal bits of humor using a Thanksgiving theme. She was rewarded with semi-serious applause.
HAPPY BUCKS – Generous contributions were supplied by Messrs. Wes Baumann and Robert Mardirossian
SPEAKER – Our speaker was Member Rick Boerjesson whose topic was Chiropratic and how it relates to general health. He started with an outline of “Flight and Fight” vs. “Rest and Digest” or more simply stress vs. healing. He went on to describe various aspects of those two arenas and how Chiropratic aims to help an individual develop healthy habits.  In a Q&A he noted Yoga is a solid complement to Chiropratic. He also noted that Chiropratic is still not well known in Sweden (his home country) although very well known and accepted in the U.S.
The meeting closed at 1:28 with a recitation of the Rotary 4-way pledge.