Posted by Patti Van Cleave
There were 23 Rotarians in attendance.
President Marie called the meeting to order at 12:15. She read a weekly Foundation Minute provided by RI, which spoke to the vision of The Rotary Foundation and included a long quote from April 1929.
Wes provided a Thought of the Day which spoke to the lack of effort to “do the right thing” in today’s society. He affirmed that Rotary is a “bright light” in today’s world, as we all pledge to live our lives by following the Four-Way Test.
Marie asked us to consider the following “bonding question”: What is your most embarrassing moment? One that still makes you cringe?
Eric led us in the Pledge and we had lunch.
Greeter David Birkenstein welcomed Sarah Stuart, an RI employee and Winnetka resident, visiting us for the first time.
Peter Skalski  July 21
Tom Evans  July 22
ArLynn Presser  July 23
We sang our usually-not-in-key birthday song to Peter, who provided a donation to our foundation.
Anniversaries for July:
Julie Tye  July 1, 2016  3 years
ArLynn Presser,  July 2, 1999  20 years
Trisha Kocanda, July 9, 2016 3 years
Patti Van Cleave, July 26, 2007 12 years
Our District asks club members to support the Salvation Army Radio-Thon at Woodfield Mall on Deccember 6. We will staff the doors with kettles as the Salvation Army does during the holidays.
Our October board meeting will be on the 10th, with DG Suzanne Gibson visiting that day.
Joe announced that our Operation Warm concert fundraiser will be on October 4 at the Kenilworth Club. Sponsorships are available at $500 and $1,000. The band will be The Whiskey Kittens and food may be provided by Stormy’s. All should attend to support our Operation Warm project.
Happy Bucks:
Rich shared that Mary Lou Bilder-Gold, an Honorary member, sent a note to the club which included a $100 donation to The Rotary Foundation.
Robert reminded us that we used to have as many as three employees of RI as members. He encouraged Sarah to visit as often as she can and to consider becoming a member.
Wes added $5 in thanks to Laura, who filled in with a Thought last week.
Patti added $12 in recognition of her anniversary.
Peter shared that he called Jean Wright in Florida to share the news about the article on Mary Lou Bilder Gold recently in the paper, and reported that Jean is doing well. Her return to Winnetka is not yet determined.
Donna gave a buck in gratitude that it was not raining when she loaded and unloaded her car this morning!
Dig N Grin:
Carl shared a golf joke – a story of a priest, Sunday morning golf, and a Hole in One!
Bill Leske introduced our speaker, Megan Van Treeck.
Megan has recently started an “encore career” at Northwestern University after owning The Irish Connoisseur for 22 years. She closed the store in 2017, threw herself an Irish wake, then spent time determining what was next in her work life. Several books were helpful to her in this process, including one given to her by her son called “Make Your Bed”.
Friends were supportive; she reached out to many people to listen for discernment, having 70 coffees over an 8 month period. This networking resulted in her desire to reinvent her career, and to “reset her defaults”, moving ahead and starting over.
One friend suggested that it is important for the business that she works for has the same morals and values that she holds.
She met Scott Woodruff, an Northwestern University employee, who loves his job. Once she interviewed in the Athletics Department, she knew that NU was the right place to be. 
Megan distributed NU purple caps and football schedules to all. Very popular!
Heather won the ticket draw, pulling the ten of clubs.
Marie asked the club to adjourn by reciting the Four Way Test. We adjourned at 1:15.