Posted by John Thomas
The meeting in the Winnetka Community House was opened at 12:16 by President Marie Kuipers.  Heather Higgins gave an interesting Thought for the Day.  This was followed by the pledge of allegiance led by Christina Gikas. Lunch was served at 12:20.
The meeting resumed at 12:40 and 26 members were present. Greeter David Grant said we had no visitors this week. The only anniversary was Patti Van Cleave who has been a member for 12 years.
HAPPY BUCKS: On behalf of the Winnetka Youth Organization, Christina Gikas told of an upcoming brand new musical event, The Field Jam. It will be October 5 at the Field auto showrooms out on Willow Road. More details will be forthcoming.
Barb Tubekis kicked in some Happy Bucks in honor of the new web site for her Volunteer Center. She noted it took a long while to get right but is now up and running with huzzahs from users.
DIG & GRIN: Terry Dason provided three anecdotes. All were deemed first class by the assembled multitude and received warm applause.
SPEAKER- Our co-speakers were the head of the Winnetka/Northfield Library District, Rebecca West, and her assistant head, Emily Compton-Dzak.
They worked in tandem, and used computer charts and pix to illustrate what they were saying. Rebecca started by noting she has been at the WNPLD for six years and usage in all forms has about doubled. The big new crowd-attracter is the “Studio” in the basement.  They also talked of new programs that are attractive and/or educational like:
            - “Lynda” which is a group of semi-formal learning courses
            -  “Babble” which is a group of language learning courses
            -   eBooks which can be placed on ones’ Nook or Kindle and are free
            -   classes, lectures and special events which can be found on the WNPLD web site
They noted the WNPLD has extensive reference material in their two locations. If not on hand, they can get it on-line or order it from their link-up with other local libraries.
The ladies finished their presentation about 1:15 and were peppered with a variety of questions for the next 15+ minutes. The net is that we have a very active and welcoming local library!
The meeting closed at 1:31 after the lottery drawing and 4-Way pledge recitation.