The highlight of the June 11 meeting was the installation speech from our incoming President, John Thomas.  Here are his comments:
I have some arthritis problems and my rheumatologist suggested a new physical therapy routine.  For those of us getting along in years, here is a little secret for building your arm and shoulder muscles. Three times a week works well.
          You begin by standing straight, with a 5-LB. potato sack in each hand. Extend your arms straight out from your sides and hold them there as long as you can - try to reach a full minute.
            After a few weeks, move up to 10-LB. potato sacks, and then 20-LB. potato sacks, and eventually try to get to where you can lift a 40-LB. potato sack in each hand and hold your arms straight out for a full minute.
            After you feel confident at that level, start putting a couple of potatoes in each of the sacks, but be careful not to overdo it...
More seriously, thank you, Bob and to all of you for giving me the honor of being the President of this excellent club. Having joined in spring 2013, I’ve been a Rotarian for only 2 years. I joined Rotary as it seemed another way to be of community service.
When Bob and Eric asked me last Fall if I would consider serving as the 2015-16 President, my experience in another volunteer group told me to say, “Oh Sure”. I had observed Eric and then Bob leading the meetings and felt that was a responsibility I could deal with. Plus, I knew there were a goodly number of experienced Rotarians happy to help when needed.
And, I had also been told of a PETS meeting needful of attendance in Itasca but  other little duties that went unmentioned.  For example, in January I heard “What are your the Annual Benefit plans?” “Who, me?” said I.  Well that was one where my past experiences were germane. Getting lots of ideas and then help for the nice affair we had last month was the key..
For the year we are starting July 1, I see three useful and doable targets:
First, it’s in all our best interest to push hard to gain new members.Davidid Birkenstein has agreed to stay on the Board and continue to head our Membership Committee. My personal target is to have two new members by Labor Day! If only each Rotarians here tonight can snare a friend, relative or work associate, we’ll be the wonder of the Midwest!
Close behind is to set a realistic target for every member, not just a cadre of 15-20, to give to the Rotary Foundation. We have a Club goal of just over $6,000. That means $100 from each Member gets us there. This years’ Rotary International slogan is “Be a Gift to the World”. To honor that motto, a gift to our local foundation is a good start.
Third, my own non-Rotary interests include the Park District and Village affairs through the Plan Commission. Bob Smith and I are always ready to chat about those and hear any ideas you all have.
And, I’m also very involved with the Winnetka Youth Organization.  This Rotary Club has long been a supporter and money is always needed.   But the current huge need is for new Board members to join Wes Baumann and I in        directing their affairs. Kristen Leahy is our Executive Director. She, I and Wes may tag team some of you to say your service itch could be well scratched by joining that group.
In closing I want to thank especially those of you who will be helping me and others to keep this chapter of Rotary alive and thriving. The Birkensteins, all the the old and new Board members, past Presidents like Bob, Eric and Liz, our next President-Elect  Patti Van Cleave, door-keepers Roger and Mark, and President-Nominee Tom Nash - are all key players in getting things done. And, oh yes, Rich Lalley. While not here this evening, I am tempted to say no Rich, no Rotary Winnetka/Northfield!

Thank you