There were 24 members of our club in attendance on June 25.  We had one visiting Rotarian, Dan Barnett, a community college retired administrator from Bonita Springs.  Additionally we had one potential new member as a guest of David Birkenstein, Thys Wallace, who is with the North Shore Youth Rugby Club.  Bridgette Ferraro, from West Lafayette, Indiana and Michelle Michelson from Elgin, who both work for C2 Education, which is a test prep organization.
Rich Lalley announced that there were only a few more days left to the Rotary Year.  He said that we exceeded our goal of $6000 for the “Every Rotarian-Every Year campaign by $2000, but sadly only 40% of the membership had contributed.  John Thomas announced that the day’s Dig ’n Grin money would be donated to the WYO’s service trip to Sheboygan, Wisconsin where the youth will work for Habitat for Humanity.
Happy Buck$ this week came from Chuck Young and Heather Higgins.  Wes Baumann celebrated his 30th year in Rotary.
Mark Kotz introduced the speaker David Whitlock who spoke about his firm The Happiness Catalyst.  David works with young adults, aged 15 to 25, to help them understand themselves better to make better choices in their lives.  David has discovered that there are many motivated young people but who have little direction in their lives. His goal is for the client to discover their calling.  He wants them to discover who they are and to find out what makes them happy and satisfied.  Then he wants them to imagine what the world will need in the future.  By matching their skills with what makes them happy and satisfied he hopes they can discover their calling in life.  Too many young people go through school without any thought of what they want to do in their adult lives.  By focusing on realistic goals their educational path and even good part-time jobs will give them more direction.  Hopefully their passion can be tied into how they spend most of the time in their adult lives.