Posted by Patti Van Cleave
There were 20 club members in attendance.
Very-Soon-To-Be-President Marie called the meeting to order at 12:15.
Patti shared a Thought in the form of a request for a moment of silence in memory of Steven Shelton, and in support of the Shelton family. She passed a card to be signed.
Marie asked those present to consider the following question and to discuss during lunch: What would your fellow club members be surprised to know about you?
We recited the Pledge and then ate lunch.
Greeter: Patti asked Greg Nelson to introduce his guest, Bill McKinley, who works at Harris Bank Winnetka. Eric Birkenstein introduced Beth Reed to us, although of course she is Keith’s wife. David Birkenstein introduced Nancy Kahn, mother of our speaker, and his wife Mary. 
Announcements: Patti reminded the group that donations to The Rotary Foundation or to our club’s foundation need to be made before the end of the fiscal year, the end of June. 
Happy Bucks: Tom Nash had a buck in celebration of completion of training for his new job at Bank of America. He will be able to join us for lunch more often now! He also shared that Greg’s guest Bill McKinley set him up on a blind date years ago!   Chuck Norton gave a buck and shared that his boat was hit by another boat after they came in first place in a race. Now repaired, they took first place again in a Chicago-to-Waukegan race last weekend. David B. gave a buck because he is happy to be at lunch today with the women in his life.  Bob Baker gave a buck in honor of his son who ran in a marathon in Charlevoix MI and finished in under three hours: 2:48:34.
Dig N Grin: Bob shared some “this day in history” facts.
Speaker:    Eric introduced his wife Carolyn A. Kahn, Chief Spectrum Economist with The MITRE Corporation. Carolyn educated us on Spectrum, 5G, how it is monitored, sold and consumed. Link to her presentation here:
Heather won the ticket pull, but did not pull the Ace of Hearts.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 with recitation of the Four Way Test.