Members in the News:  John Thomas congratulated Bob & Joanne Baker for being 3rd generation business owners and the recipients of a Winnetka Historical Society honor. Gina Sich and Liz Taylor are also applauded for a Connecting Communities Award.  John Stone was recognized for being named one of the top dentists in America.  In 3 weeks John Thomas will be crowned Winnetka Man of the Year at the Chamber of Commerce Recognition Lunch on April 6 – sign up to sit at a Rotary tabld to honor John! 
Guests: Keith Claunch is the guest of Denny Lauer
Announcements:  Rich Lally invited us to purchase tickets for a Cubs game in Milwaukee in July - $50 total price includes a ticket, tailgate party and round-trip bus ticket. 
Speaker:   Lon B Hodge spoke to us about service dogs.  Thanks to dog training programs,  many dogs are rescued from animal shelters.  They are trained to be companions, and can do more than 200 specific tasks for their masters like monitoring heart conditions.  Service dogs are accepted everywhere by law.  Don’t try to foist your pet off as a service dog.