Posted by Carl Yudell
President Marie Kuipers chaired the meeting.
Guests:  Liz Taylor introduced Sylwia Pacyk from Northview Bank and Trust (a Wintrust Community Bank).
Birthdays:  No birthdays today.
Anniversaries:  Joe Fell celebrated his 24th year as a Rotarian.
  1.  Remember the District Conference is scheduled for Friday and Saturday April 24 and 25 at the Schaumburg Hyatt;
  2. David Grant reminded us of the Counseling Center of the North Shore’s benefit at the Botanic Gardens on Friday, March 6.  It includes dinner, orchids and the Northern Trust Band.
  3. Joe Nash  recapped the Little Ricky’s event of last week for Kids Against Hunger.  It raised about $1,400.
  4. Heidi reminded us that the Kids Against Hunger is slated for March 14.  They already have 240 volunteers but are hoping for a total of 400.
Happy Bucks:
            Liz Taylor announced her daughter just gave birth to her newest grandchild.
            Barbara T. said the Volunteer Center had their recognition annual event last night.  It was filled with impressive stories of our fellow Northshore citizens helping others.
            Robert M. said he has been out of town the last two weeks and greatly enjoys reading about the meetings he missed and wanted to give special thanks to all the scribes.
Dig and Grin:   Todd Stephens entertained us with Rotary jokes.
This week was Club Assembly.  President Kuipers asked us to think of ways to increase our membership.  Think creatively on ways to attract new members.
There were three tables that generated a number of thoughts, comments and ideas as follows:
  1.  We need to do a better job of letting the local community know who we are and what we do;
  1. We need to connect with the local clergy (at one time 4 local pastors were members of the club) and to connect with more local businesses like our dentists;
  1. Ads in the Winnetka Current might be effective;
  1. We need to remember to ask friends that we see on a regular basis such as bridge clubs and book clubs;
  1. We might want to think about having events such as breakfasts and evenings;
  1. We need to develop a social media presence such as Instagram;
  1. We need to do better follow up with guests that do come to meetings;
  1. It might help if we were able to better publicize our weekly speakers;
  1. It might make sense to review our dues structure;
  1. A big name speaker might be a draw;
  1. Maybe we should publicize “Hear our free speaker and get a free lunch;”
  1.  We should all try to determine why Rotary is important to each of us and find a way to communicate it to the rest of the local community; and
  1. Maybe make up monthly posters with the speakers advertised.  Spread those posters throughout the community.
Wes B. won the raffle and pulled the 7 of diamonds.