Posted by John Thomas
The meeting in the Winnetka Community House was opened at 12:05 by President Tom Nash who also led the pledge of allegiance. It was followed by a pithy “Thought for the Day” from Heather Higgins.
Lunch was served at 12:15 and the meeting started about 12:40.   Two guests and 29 of our 51 members were in attendance. Also back from a lengthy accident recuperation was Dr. John Stone who told a self-deprecating adventure tale of having an awful knee disaster on the steps of the Taj Mahal and then finishing his travels there on crutches.
President Tom noted it was Mark Kotz’ birthday which engendered a non-tuneful rendition of “Happy Birthday Mark” by the assembled multitude. He also noted it was Joe Fells’ 45th anniversary as a Rotarian. While applaudable, no song seemed right.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: For Kids Against Hunger, Joe Nash reminded us that there is a benefit and entertainment on March 8 at Little Ricky’s. Heidi Sibert told of the extraordinary raffle items being offered. Nash added that a popular local band will do two sets that will immeasurably enliven the evening.
Heidi Sibert then reminded us that the Kids Against Hunger food packing free-for-all takes place Saturday March and we still need volunteers.
Patti Van Cleave warned all of us that the 90 minute parking limit in the Village lot behind the WCH is indeed enforced. Because of a Board meeting in the WCH, she overstayed the limit and found her car ticketed. That ticket was abated upon her heart-rending appeal to the Desk Sergeant. However, she was put on notice that a second offense might result in public pilary and incarceration!
Terry Dason announced that the Chamber of Commerce Recognition Lunch will be April 11 in the WCH. This years’ “Man of the Year” honoree will be Scott Myers for his slam-bang success with last years’ musical festival and an even bigger and better event this year! 
DIG & GRIN :  Filling in for Mr. Lalley, Mr. Kotz told several semi-humorous anecdotes.  When the groans from the audience ceased, it seemed agreed that those anecdotes would have received rave reviews in a fifth grade class room.
SPEAKER : The speaker was Dr. Rikard Boerjesson whose overall topic was “Good Health”.   Rick linked his topic to the area of Chiropratic which is his medical specialty.  He detailed what entails a truly healthy person and how one gets and stays that way. Key to that are diet, exercise, proper sleep and mental attitude.  Chiropratic is based on several health points and principles: 1) self-healing, 2) a sound nervous system, and 3) avoiding or correcting subluxations.  He then switched to telling of a small children’s charitable, “Books for Children” he and his wife have established in Peru. He and his wife are also working Chiropractic Doctors for Peru where they have already established one small clinic.  A lively Q&A session ensued with the meeting closing at 1:35 p.m.