Posted by John Thomas
The meeting in the Winnetka Community House was opened at 12: 17 by Patti Van Cleave standing in for President Bill Leske.  Robert Mardirossian gave an interesting Thought for the Day noting Memorial Day used to be on May 30. He suggested that we reflect on those who served and didn’t return. This was followed by the pledge of allegiance. Lunch was then served at 12:24.
The meeting resumed at 12:40 and 26 members were present. Greeter Tony Kambich said our Rotarian visitor was Ron Bernardi from Northbrook. A guest was Coleen McGinnis with Liz Taylor. They got a round of warm applause.
ANNIVERSARIES:  One year anniversaries were noted for both Laura Cunningham and Bob Sanfillipo
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Marie Kuipers updated us that the June 1 benefit. It should be an unusual event this year as it will be a “Hoedown” complete with a country band. She said very attractive auction items are on hand including a gangbusters raffle group.
Patti reminded us the Winnetka Music Festival is in a very few weeks. Volunteers are needed for the affair.
Rich Lalley reminded us that June 19 is our Installation Dinner so there will be no luncheon the following day. The dinner will be special and include members from Glencoe and Wilmette Rotary clubs. He noted tickets and reservations will be made online with ticket/reservation cost for members $0.
On behalf of the Winnetka Youth Organization, Mary Komlofske told of an upcoming Puppy and Car Wash on June 15 at the Community House.
DIG & GRIN : Mr. Lalley spun out an anecdote that was received with warm applause.
SPEAKER- David Birkenstein introduced our speakers Detective Jeremy Walton and Sgt, Jim Harrison, both from the Winnetka Police Department. Their topic was Identity Theft and Personal Cyber Attacks.
The officers worked in tandem to explain and illustrate a variety of types of “scams” now in play. Several key points noted and reinforced during their talk were:
            - never, ever give your SS# to any stranger no matter how legitimate they sound
            - be very aware scam artists have several trick to make themselves sound like they are a relative (e.g grandson,nephew/niece) so never ever send money ,but, rather double-check first.
Current cyber scams are mostly updates of age-old phone scams. The officers had several film clips illustrating these.  All scams are aimed at gaining a piece of personal information (SS#, password, user name, birth date) to use to bilk the unsuspecting.
They handed out a “Crime Prevention Tips” flier which is also available at The Winnetka Police Department. It has very useful dos and don’ts for all of us.
The meeting closed at 1:26 after the usual lottery drawing and a recitation of the 4-Way pledge.