The weekly meeting on May 8 was held at Glencoe’s Takiff Center with 28 members in attendance.  Two special guests, former and honorary members, David Abell and Markie Gekas graced us with their presence.
Bob Baker gave a final reminder of our upcoming Gala and Benefit to be held at the Michigan Shores Club on May 16th.  There will be valet parking for this event.
A Fireside Chat has been scheduled for the evening of May 29th in the lounge at the Winnetka Park District’s Neilsen Tennis Center.  Please mark your calendars!  This is a great meeting, especially for new members, to learn more about the workings of our club.
Patti Van Cleave also informed the members about a service opportunity on May 29th.  The activity involves packing meals for “Just Harvest.”  This will take place after our meeting on that day.  More details will follow.
The day’s speaker was Ralph Merczyk a criminal defense attorney.  He has argued cases before both the state and U.S. Supreme Courts.  He provided some background to cases that he worked on, including the “Family Secrets” case as well as the Drew Peterson case.  He spent a portion of his time answering questions from the members such as how can you defend what appear to be the dregs of society.  He said the stock answer to that question by virtually all defense attorneys is that everyone is entitled to a proper defense in our judicial system.  The U.S. system of jurisprudence it is up to the state to ‘prove’ the guilt of the defendant.  He also said a few attorneys would admit that the money can be lucrative.  When asked if he had done any acting he said that a trial is theater and that it is important to get the audience, that is the jury, engrossed in the case.  Mr. Merczyk opined that the federal bench is excellent and the state court is good.
Reminder:  Next week, on May 15, the meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. at the Winnetka Community House as a joint meeting with the two Rotary Clubs in Wilmette.  No lunch meeting!