Posted by Keith Reed
The meeting was chaired by President Bob Baker and had 18 members present.  Guests were Rich’s sister, Ryan Good (now a local schoolteacher), John P. Bair from Roselind Franklin Medicine & Science (a Rotarian in North Chicago,and a previous speaker at our Club), Ken Drummet  (attending his 3rd Rotary meeting and now eligible for Club membership), and Debra Campbell who will be one of our September Rotary speakers on the subject of “alternative healing processes”. 
Barb gave the “thought of the day” which was when you face difficult times that your challenge is to increase your strength and not to let the difficulty weaken your resolve.
Bob Sanfilippo handled the Dig N Grin. 
Club membership  anniversaries were Brooke Peppey (27 years), Peter Skalski (31 years) and Sam Badger (10 years).
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Amy reminded everyone of the “Thirsty Thursday” event to be held this evening in the WCH garden featuring the Replay Band, pizza and a cash bar. Bob reminded the Club Board of Directors of next week’s Board meeting.
HAPPY BUCKS were given by Barb in anticipation of her Colorado trip; Rich in anticipation of next week’s vacation; and by our guest John Bair for the support he has received from our Club.
HAPPY BUCK offered July 27 by Barb:  In memory of her dear 95 year old family friend, Barbara Manning. Barb expressed gratitude for the life of Barbara Manning as an amazing human being who helped people in dire need throughout Barbara’s life.
SPEAKER: BRETT H. WEISS, FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR OF WEISS SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION, 416 W. Jackson Ave., Naperville, Ill 60540, Cell phone 630-248-5405.
   Brett said that the driving force behind his Foundation is that more than half of the children in the world get little to no education; that education is the only long-term sustainable solution to poverty; and that his Foundation works hard through its Scholarship programs to grant over 180 scholarships to the young children in Kenya (primarily at 5 locations in the Dago area) so that they can get a primary school education, then on to a high school program and then several students qualify to take college programs in the U.S. (Elmhurst University has participated). The Foundation can provide this education up through high school for about $3500 per student.  The Foundation has 7 staff educators to work with the students at all levels with an annual payroll cost of about $37,000.  There are about 140 Rotary clubs and many individuals Rotarians supporting these programs. Brett is an active member of the Naperville Rotary Club and his background in education was as a high school social studies teacher in the Bartlett, Illinois area.
   The background of most of the students is-- they have no electricity or plumbing in their homes and only one meal per day; average family income of $2 a day; few have both parents living; most leave school around 4th grade when they realize they can’t afford high school; there are some government run schools but they are not co-ed and they tend not to cooperate with or provide any funding for the private schools; limited supply of books and school supplies; few people live beyond age 40 due to lack of medical care; and, according to Brett  “women tend to have less rights than men and they seem to do most of the work.”
   Accomplishments of the Weiss Foundation have been—it’s doubled the number of children completing primary school; there are now almost as many girl students as boys and they are performing almost as well as the boys; and recent exam results at end of primary school have improved by 40% since the Foundation has initiated its programs.
   Regarding  the future of Kenya, Brett said that it has many problems but that the government seems to be responding more to improving its  medical services rather than its education programs.  Brett used a very interesting  34 slide power point presentation the link for which is available upon request to Rich, David or Keith.  
After reciting Rotary’s 4 Way Test, the meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm.