Posted by Keith Reed
The meeting was chaired by our tremendous outgoing duo of Patti and Barb.  All members have voiced their appreciation to both for the great job they have done for our Club!!
There were 15 members present at the meeting and 2 attended via Zoom. David Birkenstein handled the “thought of the day” by referring to both Eric Hoffer (American Philosopher and West Coast Longshoreman) and Steve Jobs who both thought it was better to do your own “thinking” and not waste time on letting others do it for you.  Guest for the day was Linda Monty, Wellness Director of Limitless Health and Wellness, who was quickly asked to be a future speaker for us since she knows lots about healing the body naturally with “stem cells healing.”
    There were no birthdays or anniversaries, but Patti did mention that the undersigned has just past his 10th year as one of the Club’s regular scribes.  She and David Grant have also been doing such Club scribe duty for a considerable time.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Patti mentioned that one of our Club members reported that former Club member Rodger Morris still lives in his house but has recently lost a couple of his favorite pets.  She then passed around a greeting card which was signed for presentation to Rodger.
   Amy mentioned that her Thirsty Thursday event will be held again on the south side of the Community House on July 6 from 5 to 8 PM complete with  band, and your favorite beverages and goodies.  There is no admission charge for this event.
   Rich announcd that our Club has donated over $2000 to the Rotary Club International Foundation so far this year. He also awarded Liz Taylor her Paul Harris fellowship pin “plus One” for her contributions.
   Rich announced that on July 13th the Wilmette and Evanston Rotary Clubs are sponsoring a noon reception at which Gordon McInally, President of Rotary International, will be the main speaker—the lunch will be catered at a $20 price. 
HAPPY BUCKS:  Bill Leske gave HB for the great jobs Patti and Barb did as our leaders over the last year; Liz Taylor gave HB because of the very successful and interesting installation dinner that the Club recently had at the Happ Inn in Northfield;  Patti gave HB for her daughter being very close to having a baby, which would be Patti’s 4th grandchild; and Moha gave in celebration of his Muslim holiday.
SPEAKER TERRY DASON, DIRECTOR OF WNG CHAMBER OF COMMERCE:  Terry (with the assistance of some long time Winnetka residents with good memories) gave a very important presentation on what is happening with several North Shore businesses.  Terry volunteered to document this information for distribution to Club members so it can be shared with those who are interested in doing their shopping with the local merchants/establishments.  This report will be distributed to all Club members in the near future.
   After a lively discussion about local events and merchants, the meeting was adjourned at 1:30 with the recitation of Rotary’s 4 Way Test.