The New Trier Citizens League, the 105-year-old community caucus for New Trier Township, is seeking interested residents to serve as Township Supervisor and Trustee. Those elected in April 2021 will serve four years with monthly meetings.
The Supervisor and Trustees oversee Township government and participate on advisory committees that allocate grant funding to local social service agencies that provide a variety of services to residents.

The candidate exploration process begins now and culminates in this caucus-slating candidates for the April 2021 Consolidated Election. All Township offices will be on the ballot
and elected officials must be registered voters who reside in New Trier Township.

Interested parties or those wishing to nominate an acquaintance should contact New Trier Citizens League President Peter Tyor at (847) 446-2217 or, with a deadline of August 17, 2020.

About New Trier Citizens League
The New Trier Citizens League is a non-partisan community organization made up of volunteers who function as a caucus to slate candidates to serve as Township officials. Secondarily, the Citizens League functions as a watchdog group to provide oversight on behalf of residents to observe the work of New Trier Township. The relationship between the Citizens League and the Township is a partnership wherein members of the Citizens League educate themselves on the business of the Township to assure the Township stays focused on its core mission of providing leadership, advocacy and resources to benefit the physical, mental and social well-being of Township residents.