Posted by John Thomas
The meeting was online via Zoom and had 24 members. We were opened at 12:20 PM by President Chuck Norton, followed by the pledge of allegiance. The Thought for the Day was given by Felicia O’Malley who told of gratitude to voters, those who worked on the election and the many health care people who daily meet the challenge of Covid 19.
BIRTHDAYS & ANNIVERSARIES :  President Chuck noted Tony Kambich has a birthday to be celebrated, This week’s anniversaries include Jeanne Beckman, Lee Padgett and Mike Wurzburg.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Barb Tubekis asked for volunteers to assist in collating food materials for Gift Baskets which will be delivered to Good News Partners for Thanksgiving.  The in-person event at the WCH is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, 11/24.   She noted that much time has been spent to ensure that new Covid restrictions will be met when we gather to assemble the gift baskets.
Rich Lalley was pleased to announce that, after 2½ years the Rotary Foundation has approved grant funding for the farming project in Ecuador.
HAPPY BUCKS: Tony K. announced he will contribute heavily in recognition of his 39th birthday.
SPEAKER:   At 12:35 John Thomas introduced todays’ speaker, Jane Goldenberg. She is a Northfield resident and Communications Chair of Climate Reality Chicago. Her topic is climate change and she has made the presentation often previously. As had been planned, her talk was to run well over the normal 20-25 minutes. She noted her involvement in the matter began in 2008 when a freak deluge in Northfield flooded their home. It took many months to repair the effects of that surprising event.
NOTE BENE: For the entirety of MS. Goldenberg’s talk , please use the link below
The very thorough talk gave extensive and factual information on the history of our climate. We heard where we are now and what remedial efforts are underway. After her lengthy discourse, there was a 10 minute Q&A. 
 As shown in the Project Drawdown web site referenced above, the efforts to substantially reduce a major cause of the problem are bearing solid results. Moving to wind and solar power generation are well underway world-wide – especially in the U.S..
The meeting was then closed at 1:35 with a recitation of the Four Way Pledge.