Posted by Patti Van Cleave
Chuck – opened meeting, 22 in attendance.
Thought of the Day: Eric – Focus on another part of the world: Africa
Birthday: Felicia O’Malley
Rich – Operation Warm fundraising underway – donate by check to our foundation or online on our website
Barb – community needs committee is meeting with local clubs and connecting with local organizations.
Tony – Uganda – so many have benefitted from Rotary’s efforts in Uganda.
Dig N Grin: Tony shared several anecdotes on contemporary life
Program: DG Lyle Staab –
Spoke to RI President and this year’s theme: Rotary Opens Opportunity. Theme is debuted in January at International Conference.
Once COVID hit in March, leadership had to evaluate how to proceed. Presidents training in our district ended March 8. On the 12th, at a monthly meeting of district leadership, they cancelled RYLA. They told clubs to cancel in-person events. Many events cancelled, including District Conference and Lyle’s Installation. Also the Annual Convention in Honolulu.
Enacted a travel ban through December; Rotary employees are all working remotely.
District paid for Zoom for each club; clubs were up and running shortly.
RI gave $25K to be given for COVID relief – they gave to two food banks.
Now, we are still adapting – and finding opportunities. Here are some things to embrace:
  • Jennifer Jones being nominated as first woman RI President
  • District Chair is Mark Gibson – looking for activities in this area
  • Vocational Service and more – pilot project called The Rotary Network (
  • Alliance between Rotary and Toastmasters
District is being creative in ways to grow membership and fundraising. They are helping clubs to network and share ideas. Also helping clubs to find new ways to serve the community and engage families. And grow clubs through new clubs or satellite clubs.
Holger’s requests:
  • Consider new models for clubs (satellite)
  • Have a strategic vision meeting once a year
  • Select new members carefully. Be sure to engage them and make sure that they are a good fit.
  • Donate to End Polio Now. Host a World Polio Day event on October 24.
Lyle’s Challenge to Clubs: AIM
  • Adapt
  • Invite
  • Matter
Questions followed.   The meeting was adjourned at 1:22PM.